How to Grow and Care for Zinnias (Zinnia spp.)

zinnia flowers

Zinnias are delightful flowering plants that belong to the genus Zinnia! They are extremely popular as summer bedding plants worldwide, with around 22 species within the genus. Of these, several have been highly cultivated, especially Zinnia elegans, or the common zinnia! Zinnia flowers can be annuals, perennials, or subshrubs, but most garden varieties are half-hardy … Read more

29 Most Beautiful Desert Rose Types To Grow

adenium obesum

Desert roses are extremely popular succulents that belong to the genus Adenium. Unlike typical succulents, Adenium plants grow to have a tree-like structure, making them popular both outdoors as specimen plants and indoors as decorative ornamentals! They are native to dry areas in sub-Saharan Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, lending them as houseplants or overwintered … Read more

14 Flowers That Begin With Y

flowers that start with y

It might be the right time to give your outdoor space a makeover or maybe you have relocated and are excited at the prospect of starting over from scratch! No matter what your reason is, a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into creating your dream outdoor space, and any seasoned gardener will tell you it … Read more

10 Flowers That Begin With X

flowers that start with x

Anyone who is an avid gardener or just interested in plants has no doubt wondered about all the beautiful flowers that the world has to offer! From annuals, biennials, and perennials, to herbs, vines, shrubs, and trees, the list seems to be endless.  If you’ve ever wondered about plants that begin with the letter X, … Read more

16 Flowers That Begin With V

flowers that start with v

The list of flowering plants is endless! There is such a large selection it can give even the most skilled researcher a headache. However, if we narrow it down to letters of the alphabet, the choices become much easier.  Surprisingly, the list of different kinds of flowers that start with the letter V is long, … Read more