Snake Plant Diseases, Problems and Solution

snake plant diseases

Even Dracaena trifasciata, which is known for being beginner-friendly and difficult to kill, can be vulnerable to diseases and pests. As this species tends to be hardy, most gardeners are able to cultivate healthy populations by providing minimal care. Snake plants typically thrive under neglect, but extended periods of undesirable conditions can compromise their immunity … Read more

Do Snake Plants Like Humidity?

snake plant humidity

Dracaena trifasciata is an extremely hardy plant that seems to thrive in almost any environment. As long as it is rooted in well-draining soil, this species has a knack for withstanding the errors of many beginner gardeners. Undemanding, it can be grown alongside many other plants and treated based on the requirements of those.  The … Read more

Do Snake Plants Need Light?

snake plant sunlight

Snake plants are known for being extremely durable and easy to maintain. Their foliage seems to effortlessly grow even through imperfect care. Masters of survival, these hard-to-kill plants thrive under neglect. This is why they are great plants for beginner gardeners or busybodies who aren’t able to dedicate much time to plant maintenance. If you … Read more

Do Snake Plants Like To Be Root Bound?

snake plant root bound

Dracaena trifasciata is truly one of the most beginner-friendly houseplants out there. This succulent species not only thrives under conditions of neglect, but is also remarkably forgiving of plant care mistakes. The striking foliage is sure to bring beauty and warmth to virtually any space in your home, regardless of the attention afforded to your … Read more

How To Propagate Snake Plant Successfully

snake plant propagation

Experienced house plant growers jokingly say that Dracaena trifasciata needs very little attention and should be given as a present to novice gardeners. It is a good idea to take a few leaf cuttings every so often to ensure that your snake plant can be propagated if its parts become damaged by overwatering or disease. … Read more

Snake Plant Watering: How Often To Water Sansevieria

snake plant watering

The most common problems with growing snake plants occur due to overwatering. This article should help you finetune your watering routine.  In the wild, snake plants prefer loose, well-draining soil. It rarely has wet roots. To keep the plant happy in your home, you should aim to achieve these conditions.  How often should I water … Read more