Top 14 Barrel Cactus Varieties You Can Grow

barrel cacti

Barrel cacti are easy to grow and require minimal watering. They originate from arid desert regions of North America and Mexico. For this reason, they’re well adapted to surviving drought conditions. You can grow these lovely cacti outside as long as you have really well-drained soil. They’re ideal for growing in rock gardens or desert-type … Read more

11 Fouquieria Types and Species


There are 11 recognized species in the Fouquieria genus. The most well-known of these is the boojum tree (Fouquieria columnaris) and the ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens). All the plants in this genus have semi-succulent stems with mostly short sharp spines jutting out from these stems where the original leaves grew. One of the most interesting characteristics … Read more

Top 14 Types of Anacampseros You Can Grow

anacampseros types

Anacampseros are a genus of low-growing succulents that originate in South Africa. There are just over 100 different species in this genus. These succulents are easy to grow and require very little care. They make ideal houseplants but can also be grown outdoors in areas that experience mild winters.  Anacampseros appreciate full sun or bright … Read more