Epiphyllum hookeri: Grow and Care Tips

epiphyllum hookeri

Epiphyllum hookeri (Hooker’s Orchid Cactus) has interesting stems as well as large daisy-like flowers that are white and fragrant. This plant flowers in late summer to early fall and the blooms only open at night. This variety is actually referred to as a climbing cactus because of its interesting structure. The stems grow upwards and … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Succulents

succulent care

It’s no secret that succulents have become extremely popular in recent years, mostly as easy-care indoor plants that add a touch of greenery to your living spaces. There are even succulent enthusiasts who have become avid collectors of all types of succulent plants. So, What Are Succulent Plants?  In a nutshell, succulents are plants that … Read more

Top 5 Varieties Of Dragon Fruit Plant

dragon fruit species

There are five main species of dragon fruit plant that are commonly grown and each species has a number of different cultivars, varieties, and hybrids. Dragon fruits are the fruit of these different species of cacti and these plants grow as a vine with the fruit being produced on the ends of the long and … Read more

29 Most Beautiful Desert Rose Types To Grow

adenium obesum

Desert roses are extremely popular succulents that belong to the genus Adenium. Unlike typical succulents, Adenium plants grow to have a tree-like structure, making them popular both outdoors as specimen plants and indoors as decorative ornamentals! They are native to dry areas in sub-Saharan Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, lending them as houseplants or overwintered … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Lewisia Plant

lewisia care

Are you enchanted by delicate flowers with the most stunning pastel gradients? This plant group has won the hearts of many horticulturists and plant enthusiasts due to its charming features. Lewisia succulents are show-stoppers that can be grown both indoors and outdoors, in container gardens or rocky substrates.  For a truly fantastic display of colorful … Read more