30 Best Types of African Daisy All Gardeners Should Know

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African Daisies fall under the genus Osteospermum, which contains over 70 species of daisy-like flowers. These plants originated predominantly from South Africa and are winter hardy to USDA zones 9-11. They can be annuals, perennials, or shrubs. However, most gardeners grow their perennial African Daisies as annuals since they cannot tolerate cold winter conditions. 

These plants have been cultivated in Europe since their introduction in the 1800s, with most hybrids and cultivars today being bred from O. ecklonis and O. jucundum, which are both popular African Daisies in their own right.

Varieties can range from 6-36 inches in height, and come in a myriad of colors including pink, red, white, yellow, purple, blue, and orange. These bright and beautiful flowers are hugely popular and bloom in early spring – mid-summer, with a possible second flowering in late summer-early fall. They grow extremely well in containers so are the perfect choice for patio and city gardens. 

Unique Osteospermum Cultivars To Add To Your Garden

osteospermum ecklonis

#1 Cape Marguerite (O. ecklonis)

Also classified under Dimorphotheca ecklonis, Cape Marguerite grows up to 24 inches tall and is considered a low perennial herb or subshrub. Flowers are either white, with a purple base and blue-purple underside, or uniformly pink-purple. Both color varieties have blue floral discs.

#2 Margarita Pink Flare (O. ecklonis)

Margarita Pink Flare is a member of the Margarita series and reaches up to 12 inches in height. Flowers are single to semi-double and a soft raspberry pink color with white central base flares. Floral discs are blue. 

#3 Margarita White Spoon (O. ecklonis)

A beautiful and unique African Daisy variety, Margarita Spoon (part of the Margarita series), has white petals with a violet-blue underside. Petals are pinched in the middle creating a spoon-shaped petal and giving a peek of violet-blue. Floral discs are dark blue. These interesting blooms are suited for sunny borders and would be the talking point of any garden. 

#4 Serenity Blue Eyed Beauty (O. ecklonis)

Part of the Serenity series, this African Daisy flower has beautiful buttery-yellow petals which fade to white at the base, creating a white ring around the blue-purple central eye. Flowers can be single or semi-double and have blue floral discs. These plants are great for brightening up patio gardens and sunny borders.

#5 Serenity Bronze (O. ecklonis)

Serenity Bronze (part of the Serenity series)  grows up to 14 inches tall and is a bushy plant with dark green foliage. These plants have a long blooming time and produce plenty of flowers. Blooms have orange bronze petals, fading to pink to create a pink central eye with burgundy floral discs. These sunset color blooms would look fantastic in Mediterranean or city gardens. 

#6 Sunadora Palermo (O. ecklonis)

As part of the Sunadora series, African Daisy Sunadora Palermo produces numerous salmon pink blooms which fade to form a pale yellow central eye. Floral discs are dark. This variety performs well in containers. 

#7 Sunadora Tahiti (O. ecklonis)

Sunadora Tahiti is part of the Sunadora series and is a compact variety only growing up to 12 inches high. This African Daisy bush copes well with hot weather, and looks like a typical daisy, with white petals and orange-yellow floral discs. 

#8 Sunadora Valencia (O. ecklonis)

Sunadora Valencia is another member of the Sunadora series and is an absolutely beautiful African Daisy variety. The first orange cultivar of O. ecklonis, flowers are pale orange fading to pale yellow at the bases with dark floral discs. 

#9 Zion Blue Denim (O. ecklonis)

Part of the Zion series, which was inspired by the colors of the Zion National Park in Utah, Zion Blue Denim is a remarkably beautiful cultivar. Growing up to 20 inches tall, this plant has blue-violet flowers which look lovely next to their blue floral discs.

#10 Zion Copper Amethyst (O. ecklonis)

Zion Copper Amethyst is another sensational member of the Zion series. This African Daisy bush stands at 20 inches tall and has a mix of pink, purple and orange flowers. Flower petals are a vivid golden-orange, fading to magenta pink, and fading again to dark purple at the flower center. This variety blooms profusely and has dark floral discs. 

#11 Zion Magic Yellow (O. ecklonis)

Another member of the Zion series, Magic Yellow has single to semi-double flowers. They are pale yellow fading to white, before fading to a pale pink central disk. Floral discs are yellow. This plant grows up to 20 inches tall. 

#12 Zion Purple Sun (O. ecklonis)

Zion Purple Sun grows up to 20 inches tall and is part of the Zion series. No doubt inspired by a beautiful sunset over Zion National Park, flowers are a brilliant orange color, fading into dark purple at the center with a golden-yellow central eye. This African Daisy flower is a winner of the FleuroStar Award.

#13 Zion Red (O. ecklonis)

Zion Red, another member of the Zion series, reaches up to 20 inches in height. Blooms are single to semi-double and are a rich velvety red, fading to darker red in the center. Floral discs are burgundy. These plants make great cut flowers. 

osteospermum fruticosum

#14 Shrubby Daisybush (O. fruticosum)

Also known as the Trailing African Daisy or Blue-eyed Daisy, this plant is a mat-forming plant with trailing stems and dark green foliage. Petals are pure white with dark purple bases with blue floral discs. 

#15 Star Of The Veldt (O. hyoseroides)

This African Daisy is also called the Cape Marigold. Growing up to 24 inches tall, flower color ranges from orange to yellow, with yellow, purple-tipped disc florets.

osteospermum jucundum

#16 Delightful African Daisy (O. jucundum)

Growing up to 20 inches tall, this plant has beautiful daisy-like flowers reaching over 2 inches across. Blooms are a light pink-purple with a dark purple central eye. Floral discs are blue. With their delicately colored flowers, these African Daisy plants are lovely in cottage-style gardens. 

#17 Blackthorn Seedling  (O. jucundum)

Blackthorn Seedling has single to semi-double, bright, purple-pink flowers. Blooms grow over 2 inches wide and have golden-yellow floral discs. Foliage is bushy, with dark green narrow leaves. 

#18 Lemon Symphony (Hybrid)

Lemon Symphony grows up to 14 inches tall and has predominantly yellow flowers. Petals are buttery-yellow fading to white, creating a white ring around the dark purple central eye. Floral discs are orange-yellow. This plant looks particularly striking when grown in containers paired with purple flowers such as petunias. 

#19 Pink-Whirls (Hybrid)

Pink-Whirls is a unique and beautiful African Daisy variety. Plants only reach up to 6 inches in height and blooms are 2 inches wide. Daisy-like flowerheads are purple-pink, but petals are pinched in the middle, creating more of a spoon-shaped petal shape. Floral discs are blue. 

#20 Sideshow Copper Apricot (Hybrid)

Part of the Sideshow series, Copper Apricot grows up to 12 inches tall and has 2-3 inch blooms. Flowers are single to semi-double and have soft orange-yellow petals which fade to lavender-pink to create a dark central eye with burgundy floral discs.

#21 Silver Sparkler (Hybrid)

Silver Sparkler is a spreading sub-shrub that has dark green, narrow foliage with creamy-white leaf margins. Flowers grow to just over 2 inches with white petals and a violet central eye. Floral discs are blue. 

#22 Soprano Purple (Hybrid)

Beautiful in cottage-style gardens or sunny borders, the Soprano Purple African Daisy grows up to 14 inches tall and produces numerous blooms. Flowers are a rich lavender purple with blue floral discs. This flower is part of the Soprano series. 

#23 Soprano Vanilla Spoon (Hybrid)

Soprano Vanilla Spoon, part of the Soprano series, has unique and interesting flowers. Plants grow up to 18 inches tall with 2-3 inch wide blooms. Floral discs are sunshine yellow, and petals are creamy yellow and pinched in the middle to create a spoon-shaped petal. 

#24 Stardust (Hybrid)

Also known as “River Gardens”, this African Daisy bush has pink-purple flowers that fade to dark red and golden-yellow dome-shaped floral discs. Petals are mauve on the underside. This plant grows up to 20 inches tall and has dark green foliage. 

#25 Sunny Dark Florence (Hybrid)

Part of the Sunny series, Sunny Dark Florence is a compact plant only reaching up to 12 inches high. Flowers are light orange fading into orange-red at the petal base, with a burgundy floral disc. 

#26 Sunny Mary (Hybrid)

Sunny Mary is another member of the Sunny Series. This flower is a rich, magenta pink which contrasts well with the dark blue floral disc. This plant makes excellent cut flowers and will look impressive in a patio garden.  

#27 Voltage White (Hybrid)

Voltage White is a bushy plant with dark green foliage. Blooms are plentiful with white petals and yellow undersides. Floral discs are bright yellow, creating a wonderful contrast. These African Daisies are reminiscent of your typical daisy and would suit cottage style and coastal gardens.

#28 4D Berry White (Hybrid)

4D Berry White, a member of the 4D series, is an African Daisy type that grows up to 12 inches tall and produces an abundance of blooms. Outer petals are white and surround a rosette of dark purple inner petals. Unlike other Osteospermum flowers, 4D flowers stay open during the night. 

#29 4D Pink (Hybrid)

4D Pink has soft pink outer petals which surround a rosette of violet-pink inner petals. A member of the 4D series, this plant is compact, growing up to 12 inches tall. Its soft, muted colors lend themselves to cottage-style and coastal gardens. 

#30 4D Sunburst (Hybrid)

This African Daisy flower would make fantastic cut flowers with its sunny blooms. Flowers have buttery-yellow outer petals which surround a bright yellow rosette of inner petals. A compact plant growing up to 12 inches tall, 4D Sunburst (part of the 4D series), would bring life to sunny borders and surely brighten up patio gardens.

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