32 Stunning Types and Varieties of Tulips That You Can Easily Grow

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Growing tulips is so rewarding. There are so many different types of tulips that you can grow, that it would be impossible to give you a complete list. 

It becomes even more challenging when tulips are grouped into various divisions according to their bloom time, flower shape, and stem height.

Therefore, we’ve decided to showcase some of the more stunning tulips that you might want to consider adding to your own garden. 

We’ve grouped these into divisions and given you a quick description of what tulips in each division have as their most prominent features. 

Species Tulips (Tulipa spp.)

These are the original tulips that precede the many hybrids that are available today. They are perennial and perfect for naturalizing. Species tulips also tend to bloom for a longer period than the more modern hybrid ones. They will also multiply quite easily in your garden.

Species tulips come in a wide variety of colors with the only color not represented being true blue. Their stem heights range from 6 to 36 inches (15 to 90 cm).

‘Lady Jane’ (Tulipa clusiana)

This stunning tulip variety looks absolutely magnificent when mass planted. The tulip flowers have petals that are white on the inside and rosy red on the outside. The blooms will open wide when they’re grown in full sun but will close again when the sun goes down. You should start to see blooms in mid-spring.

‘Honky Tonk” (Tulipa batalinii)

This is such a pretty and dainty tulip that it deserves to be added to your collection. It will only grow to a height of around 8 inches so it would be ideal for growing en masse in a large pot. The lovely blooms have soft yellow petals with a peach blush on the outside. 

‘Violacea’ (Tulipa humilis)

This variety is also commonly known as the crocus tulip and you can see why. When open, the blooms are very similar to crocus flowers. This tulip actually occurs naturally as a variant of wild tulips that grow in Kurdistan. The blooms are magenta in color with a bright yellow center. The flower stems only reach a height of around 4 to 6 inches.

Greigii Tulips (Tulipa greigii)

This lovely collection of tulips contains some of the most popular and stunning hybrids. Tulips in this division bloom from early to mid-spring. Their stems range in height from 6 to 36 inches. The blooms on these tulips tend to be quite large and showy and many are also scented. Flower colors are a little more limited and include orange, red, pink, yellow, and white.

‘Cape Cod’ 

The ‘Cape Cod’ tulip has magnificent blooms in vibrant yellow with orange stripes. Stems will grow to a height of 10 inches and blooms will start to appear in mid-spring. 


This lovely tulip has delicate pink blooms that will brighten up any area of your garden. Stems are around 14 inches tall and the lovely blue-green foliage adds a lovely contrast to the brightness of the blooms.

Single Early And Late Hybrid Tulips (Tulipa)

Single early hybrids bloom early on in spring and generally have nice sturdy stems that reach a height of around 18 inches. On the other hand, single late hybrids are the last to bloom but can often be some of the showiest. These varieties have large blooms on stems that can reach a height of 24 inches.

‘Purple Prince’

Imagine seeing a group of these gorgeous tulips as the cold winter days slowly slip away. These lovely early-season blooms appear on 14-inch tall stems and are sure to put a smile on your face with the realization that spring is finally here.

‘Blushing Lady’

This lovely colorful variety in shades of yellow, pink and orange blooms late in the season on 30-inch tall stems. It makes an excellent cut flower.

‘Queen of Night’

Imagine being greeted with a field of these gorgeous purple tulips late in spring. These attractive blooms appear on 24-inch stems and are also perfect as cut flowers.

Double Early And Late Hybrid Tulips (Tulipa)

Double hybrids are available as both early and late bloomers. They’re called double hybrids because each flower has an amazing number of petals. They are also commonly referred to as peony tulips because their blooms appear very similar to gorgeous peony flowers. It should be noted that these tulips need to be protected from strong wind and rain because the delicate, heavy blooms can easily become damaged.

‘Finola Double Late’

The flowers on this tulip are just delightful. They’re a soft pink color with stripes of darker pink. ‘Finola’ tulips bloom late in spring and their flowers are long-lasting. In fact, they make excellent cut flowers for just this reason.

‘Crispion Sweet’

This outstanding tulip variety not only has double blooms but also has gorgeous frilled petals. The blooms are rosy pink in color and will fade to a lovely soft pink as they age. It’s a late-blooming tulip with 12-inch tall stems.


This lovely red tulip will put on the most amazing display when mass-planted. The lovely red blooms grow on 22-inch tall stems and have black centers. The petals have pretty scalloped edges and the flowers will appear late in spring.

Triumph Hybrid Tulips (Tulipa)

Triumph hybrids are more of the traditional cup-shaped tulips that everyone is familiar with. They were created as a result of crossing early and late single tulips and come in a huge variety of colors. In general, this division of tulips will flower around mid-season with stems that range from 10 to 20 inches. Triumph tulips are excellent to use as cut flowers.

‘Annie Schilder’

This lovely orange-colored tulip is fragrant and quite stunning. It grows on stems that are around 20 inches tall and will bloom around mid-spring.

‘Carnaval de Rio’

The stunning blooms on this tulip variety are snowy-white with flashy red paint strokes. This gives it a very delicate look. The flowers appear in mid-spring on 18-inch tall stems.

‘Prinses Irene’

When you look closely at the petals on this vibrant tulip, you would think that the dark crimson stripes have been painted onto the bright orange petals. The colors are simply stunning on this gorgeous flower. Almost as impressive are the 24-inch tall stems that bear these mid-season blooms.


The deep red blooms on this tulip almost look black in the right light. The flowers compliment the bright green leaves perfectly on 18-inch tall stems. Imagine the compliments that you’ll receive when you have a gorgeous bunch of these on your kitchen bench.

Waterlily Hybrid Tulips (Tulipa kaufmanniana)

The reason that these flowers have the common name of waterlily tulips is that the flowers will open fully and look very much like waterlily blooms. These lovely hybrids only have shortish stems ranging from 4 to 10 inches tall. This makes them perfect for growing in containers. 

‘Heart’s Delight’

This gorgeous variety has stunningly colorful flowers. The petals are rose-red on the outside and ivory-white on the inside. When the flowers are fully open, you’ll see the bright yellow centers.  Even the leaves on this variety are quite colorful. They are a jade-green color with purple stripes. This tulip blooms in early spring on 8-inch tall stems.


This lovely tulip variety could be considered a show stopper with its delightful red blooms that have bright yellow centers. This tulip is an early bloomer and the flowers grow on stems that are around 8 to 10 inches tall.

Fringed Hybrid Tulips (Tulipa)

This group of tulips is so named because the petals are frayed at the edges. Originally, this fringing was actually caused by a mutation of a variety of different tulips across a number of divisions. Most of the fringed tulips will tend to bloom mid to late in the season. There are some varieties that can have stems as tall as 30 inches. 

‘Fancy Frills’

This delicate tulip has lovely pink blooms with a silvery-pink base. The petals are fringed right around the edges and tend to curve outward. The blooms grow on 18-inch tall stems.

‘Fringed Elegance’

For lovers of yellow tulips, this is definitely one to grow. The primrose-yellow blooms have delicate fringed edges that are occasionally flecked with pink. These flowers bloom in mid-spring on 20-inch tall stems.


This pretty tulip variety sports orange flowers that are deeply fringed. While the outside of the petals is a deep orange color, the interior is a lighter shade which gives a lovely contrast. It blooms in mid-spring on 22-inch tall stems.

Fosteriana Hybrid Tulips (Tulipa fosteriana)

This division of tulips is also commonly known as Emperor tulips. This is because the blooms are quite large when compared to other varieties. Many of these tulips have fragrant blooms that appear in early spring. When planted en masse, they make a great display for welcoming spring.


This tulip variety is a real show stopper. The blooms have bright red to orange petals with vibrant yellow centers and bases. In complete contrast, the leaves are purple in color with jade-green stripes. The flowers appear on 18-inch tall stems.


The flowers on this early season bloomer resemble the colors of daffodils. The petals are lemon-yellow with ivory-white edges. They bloom on 18-inch tall stems.

‘Orange Emperor’

For a stunning spring display, imagine planting these bright tulips alongside buttercup-yellow daffodils. The petals on these tulip flowers are glowing orange and the blooms have a yellow base. This variety is good for naturalizing as a perennial so you can enjoy these brilliant blooms year after year. The flowers grow on 14-inch tall stems.

Viridiflora Hybrid Tulips (Tulipa)

This particular division of tulips can trace its origins all the way back to the 1600s. The outer petals are decorated with green brush strokes and they bloom on fairly long stems. Therefore, they make excellent cut flowers and will last for a number of days in a vase. 

Their blooming time is usually in late spring. As well as the two varieties listed below, viridiflora tulips also come in white and yellow forms and both have distinctive green brush strokes on the petals.

‘Flaming Spring Green’

This is a striking tulip with superb coloring. The snowy-white petals are not only striped with a vibrant red but they also have the most gorgeous green brush stroke. Imagine growing these in a large garden bed or a couple of large planters on your deck. These tulips bloom late in the season and the flowers have 20-inch tall stems.

‘Red Spring Green’

This tulip is almost as striking as the ‘flaming spring green’ except that it has brilliant red petals that also have amazing green brush strokes. The interiors of the petals are just red without the green brush strokes. These tulips bloom on 16-inch tall stems.

Parrot Hybrid Tulips (Tulipa)

Parrot hybrid tulips are some of the most unusual and striking tulips that you’re ever going to find. They are unique in that their petals are often twisted or curly and many have fringed edges. To add to this, the flower buds are actually shaped like the beak of a parrot. All of these tulips come in vibrant colors and many of them are bi-colored. They tend to bloom late in the season, however, some varieties will bloom mid-season.

‘Black Parrot’

This would have to be one of the most striking of all the tulip varieties. The petals are a deep red color that will almost appear black in certain light. Not only are the outer petals curled but they’re also deeply fringed which means that they bear a canny resemblance to the wings of a parrot.

‘Flaming Parrot’

This variety is equally stunning with two-toned red and white petals that have frilly edges. The blooms grow on 24-inch tall stems.

Lily-flowering Hybrid Tulips (Tulipa)

These highly attractive tulips have flowers that will open completely. They bloom late in spring on 24-inch tall stems. However, these varieties only tend to bloom for a year or two so need to be replanted every fall in order to ensure a good display of blooms.


These late-season bloomers will delight you with their bright pink petals that are edged with white. When the flowers open fully, you’ll also notice some yellow coloring on the base of the interior petals. 


Not only will these gorgeous blooms delight you with their outstanding orange petals but you’ll also be head over heels in love with their gorgeous fragrance. The blooms appear on 20-inch tall stems.

‘Mona Lisa’

These tulips are pretty as a picture with their yellow petals that are blushed with pink. The blooms appear on 16-inch tall stems.

Darwin Hybrid Tulips (Tulipa)

Darwin hybrids are among the tallest tulips available today. On top of that, they have large showy flowers that can be up to 6 inches in diameter when they’re fully open. They make excellent cut flowers but need to be protected from strong winds.

‘Ad Rem’

These stunning orange blooms will stop you in your tracks. The orange petals are edged with yellow and the blooms are fragrant. They appear mid to late in the season on 22-inch tall stems.


This striking tulip is definitely one to add to your collection. The petals are creamy yellow with fine stripes of white and red. These blooms appear on stems that are 20 inches tall.

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