Everything You Need to Know About Spider Plant Flowers

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During the end of the summer, spider ivy can bloom lovely ivory-coloured flowers. Although this blossoming doesn’t always occur, it can be a very welcome and beautiful surprise. 

If you’re wondering what this may mean for your plant, you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about spider plant flowers!

Why Do Spider Plants Flower?

Spider plants go into full bloom when they have reached maturity. If they are living in an environment with the perfect amount of sun exposure, water, and fertilizer, it is likely that they will eventually start to blossom.

Flowers may also develop if the plant is living in an environment with fall-like light. When the nights become longer and the days shorter, spider ivy will respond to the changing seasons by developing flowers and plantlets.

chlorophytum comosum flower

Spider Plant Flowers but No Babies

If your airplane plant is producing flowers but hasn’t developed any babies, this could be because the pot is too small. Even though flowers begin to blossom when the plant is pot-bound, in order for spiderettes to grow, their roots need to have enough space. If you start to notice roots growing out of the bottom of your pot, consider repotting and transplanting the plant in a bigger container. 

Additional factors contributing to this issue could be too little light, water, or fertilizer. Maintain a consistent plant care routine and your spider ivy should begin growing spiderettes.

spider plant roots

How to Recognize Spider Plant Flowers

Chlorophytum comosum flowers are elegant and simple in nature. They grow off of the plant’s long stalks and are smaller in size. They can be recognized by their delicate star-shaped figure.

These flowers can grow either in clusters or as one single flower. This is highly dependent on which spider plant varieties you have. For instance, the Bonnie variety is more likely to grow yellowish-white clustered flowers while the Vittatum is more likely to grow white or cream-coloured single flowers. Each of these will have about six petite petals. 

Once the plant is fully bloomed, the flowers begin to form small plantlets which can then be propagated. Sometimes plantlets form without first developing flowers so do not worry if your plant isn’t blooming. If you’d like to see more flowers on your plant, there are a few simple things you may be able to do to encourage growth. 

spider plant flowers

How to Care For Spider Plant Flowers

Unfortunately, these flowers do not last for very long. If your Chlorophytum comosum blossoms, soak up all the beauty while you can! With that being said, there are some ways to increase the chances of your plant growing an abundance of flowers and plantlets.

The most important thing to keep in mind for the growth of spider ivy flowers is their need for an ideal plant care routine. 

spider plant flower

During the growing season, make sure your plant is being fertilized about once every two weeks preferably with a water-soluble fertilizer. Too much fertilizer may produce more foliage, but less flowers and plantlets. While on the other hand, too little fertilizer may slow down your plant’s growth altogether. 

Additionally, the spider ivy needs to be watered every one to two weeks in order to avoid underwatering. Underwatering tends to lead to a lack of growth and blossoms. 

Lastly, make sure the plant is getting sun exposure which reflects the changing seasons. In the summer, your plant should be receiving consistent and bright indirect light. In the winter, it should be receiving a little bit less light due to shorter days.

spider ivy blooms


Should I cut the flowers off my spider plant?

There is no immediate need to cut the flowers off of your spider ivy because they usually bloom into healthy spiderettes. If the ends of the flower stalk start to turn brown or become dry, consider pruning. 

Do spider plant flowers turn into babies?

This species of plant is extremely prolific and is capable of producing many plantlets and babies from their flower stems.

How often does a spider plant bloom?

Depending on the variety of the plant you have, flowers can grow during every growing season. Some spider ivy never develops flowers, while others only bloom when they’re young. 

What does spider plant flower mean?

These flowers symbolize health, love, and prosperity in life and relationships. This plant makes for a wonderful housewarming or wedding gift!

Why is my spider plant flowering?

If you notice your Chlorophytum comosum flowering, this is a great sign! This means your plant is living in an optimal environment and will begin to produce a plethora of spiderettes.

Learn more about spider plant care and spider plant propagation.

~ image source: depositphotos/MadeleinWolf

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