Amazing Anthurium Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses

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Anthuriums are another very special kind of flower. It slightly resembles another beautiful flower from the Araceae family – that is the Peace Lily flower to be exact. In fact, Peace Lilies and Anthuriums are distantly related! 

Another thing in common for these flowers is their lovely center spadix and luscious spathe available in many different colors!

The flower meanings and symbolism behind Anthuriums differ from the Peace Lily amidst the striking resemblance.

Growing these Anthuriums will make a lovely addition to your garden and certainly add a more tropical vibe!

History of Anthurium Flowers

Anthuriums are a collection of tropical plants first defined in 1833. It is defined as a plant with large brightly colored leaves with a cylindrical spathe and beautifully colored spathe. These unique flowers are popularly cultivated in the florist trade for their long-lasting floral structures.

These plants belong to the genus Anthurium of the Araceae or Arum family. It is an herbaceous perennial flowering plant with 825 other species! Native to the tropics of America, most of these Anthurium species are well-loved as indoor purifying plants.

When it comes to origins and history, how these exotic florals got their name is quite interesting. The genus Anthurium takes after the Greek words Anthos meaning flower and Oura meaning tail – the name literally meaning a flower with long stalks and heart-shaped leaves. 

The Anthuriums can also be known by many distinct names. These include the Tail flower, Flamingo flower, the Heart of Hawaii, and the Laceleaf – all of which are referring to how the flower resembles. If you use your imagination this flower does resemble a tail because of its spathe or flamingo given its long stalk!

Some of the amazing species that go along with these quirky names include the Flamingo flower (A. andraeanum), the Pigtail plant (A. scherzerianum), Bird’s Nest Anthurium (A. bookeri), the Crystal Anthurium (A. crystallinum), and the Dwarf Purple Anthurium (A. sp). 

What Does Anthurium Flower Mean and Symbolise?

Anthurium Symbolism

Flamingo flowers take their symbolism after many interesting ideas. It is a floral symbol of sincerity and purity because of how delicate and elegant the flowers are in full bloom.

These flowers are also called the Heart of Hawaii for such a beautiful reason. 

Hawaiian traditions regard flowers in a very historic cultural way. Like how the Hibiscus, Plumeria, and Birds of Paradise symbolize welcome or hello, the Anthuriums symbolize something similar. 

It stands for a lifelong friendship and healthy romantic or family relationships!

Meaning of Anthurium Flowers

Exotic Flaming flowers take their unique meaning after their shape and the many colors it has. Its color ranges from a deep luscious red to a light vibrant green. Other rare colors this plant may come in include blue, brown, and even black! 

Anthuriums have a strong sense of expressing emotions and inner feelings. In the Victorian language of flowers, it conveys the meaning of deep adoration, especially of love and romance. 

What does a White Anthurium Flower Mean?

Anthuriums with a white spathe have an interesting meaning. It speaks of hospitality and kindness in the language of flowers.

What does a Red Anthurium Blossom Symbolize?

Red Flaming flowers have a symbolic meaning related to emotions and feelings. It stands for one’s intense attraction of love, friendship, or whatever kind of relationship! Additionally, this red blossom can also symbolize being impressionable. 

What does a Pink Anthurium Floret Indicate?

A pink Anthurium plant is often dubbed as a preppy and fun kind of flower. Similarly, it indicates expressions and emotions of sensuality. And whenever it feels safe to express sensualities, this flower also stands for feelings of security. 

What does a Yellow Anthurium Bloom Represent?

If you’re looking for a blossom that represents joy and happiness, then a yellow Flamingo flower will express just that! Being joyful and happy can also represent something more interactive, such as being hospitable and approachable!  

What does an Orange Anthurium Flower Symbolize?

Orange Anthuriums symbolize something quite unique. It is a flower gracing a symbol of abundance and good fortune. Amidst this, such flowers may also stand for a state of complexity on how to handle such graces of course!

What is the Cultural Significance of an Anthurium Blossom?

The ancient art and knowledge of Chinese Feng Shui regard Anthuriums as important flowers to express emotions and maybe thoughts. According to this cultural tradition, Anthuriums are lucky plants that bear good fortune in life and beautiful relationships. 

A red Flamingo flower holds a special significance because it regards very passionate feelings of love and friendship. Quite interestingly, the leaf’s heart shape isn’t random at all. It was created by nature that way to help emphasize the symbolic meaning of love.  

Although not as popular to present on Valentine’s day as the Rose, Anthuriums can also be gifted on the day of love to someone you feel passionately for!

What is the Spiritual Influence of an Anthurium Floret?

Since a Flamingo flower is highly symbolic of love and affectionate emotions, the spiritual influence of these is similar to that. The presence of such exotic flowers creates an expressive form of balance for masculine and feminine energies to form – meaning that all love is love regardless of sexuality. 

The essence of Anthuriums also enhances the emotions of passion, love, and romance. It opens up the mind and its ideas to have a healthy expression of sexuality and the strength to communicate feelings of the heart. 

It also helps in initiating healthy dialogues about love and its many meanings. The energies are focused on love and connect on a deeper level of understanding and acceptance.

What are the Folktales Associated with an Anthurium Bloom? 

There is a certain legend in ancient Greece that tells of the beginning or reason for Flamingo flowers. According to the tale, Anthuriums were once the arrows of the ancient god of love, Cupid – he who could make anyone fall in love with the strike of his bow and arrow. 

Many Greeks believe that Cupid gave this flower the power to symbolize love since it is the world’s longest blooming plant! And you know what they say about a love-struck by Cupid – it is a love that lasts forever and can even transcend through lifetimes. 

What does an Anthurium Floral Tattoo Symbolize? 

Flamingo flower tattoos are not very famous as floral tattoo designs such as the Rose, Tulip, or Daisy. Since it is symbolic of expressing emotions and love like the rainbow, a tattoo of this would symbolize freedom. 

Having this tattoo will symbolize the freedom to express any emotion and feeling. It is also an embodiment of strength to be who you truly are! 

Uses of Anthuriums

Anthuriums are primarily cultivated as garden flowers for their beautiful spathes. It makes for a great indoor and outdoor plant brightening up the environment with its vibrant colors and dark green foliage! Many florists use these flowers in bouquet arrangements, bridal bouquets and vases for display.

According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, the Anthuriums made it to the lucky list of the best indoor air purifying plants. Surprisingly, the sister species of Flamingo flowers – the Peace Lily is also on this list! Such plants were proven to effectively remove air pollutants such as formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and benzene. 

Although the leaves and stems are poisonous, the flowers when burned to ash can be used as an additive in oils and essences to treat boils. Similarly, Chinese traditional medicine uses the plant to treat rheumatic pains. In the Philippines, native folks use a drink leaf decoction for kidney diseases. 

A word of warning that it’s a must to always consult a medical professional before using this plant or any part of it for medical purposes.

We hope you enjoy our guide about Anthurium flower meaning. Learn more about flower symbolism on our blog.

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