Fascinating Begonia Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses

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Don’t mistake this wonderful flower for a kaleidoscope of alluring butterflies! These flowers clump up together that can surely brighten up any day and will make a great addition to any garden in early summer. It is in fact eye catching not only to people but also to little pollinators!

Aside from its unique appearance, these flowers come in a variety of colors that have several meanings. Not only does this flowering plants’ meaning and symbolism take after its history, but it also is associated with the different colors it comes in.

There are many meanings associated with the colored Begonia. A white Begonia is symbolic of innocence while a red one represents love. Other colors such as a pink and purple Begonia means friendliness and having great company. Meanwhile, an orange Begonia symbolizes uniqueness while a yellow one means new beginnings. 

History of Begonia Flowers

The Begonia is a beautiful perennial flowering plant originating from the islands of Santo Domingo in Central America. It comes from the Latin genus name Begonia of the family Begoniaceae. Like many other common flowers from the Begoniaceae family, you can find Begonias also have a rich history.

The term Begonia was first used in 1751 to honor the late French botanist Michel Bégon of the French colony from Haiti.. A fellow French and renowned botanist Charles Plumier then also dedicated this honor to a Caribbean politician who was a very helpful public official for his service and love of collecting plants. 

Along with its history, Begonias are perennial flowering plants that come in different types. This refers to the many species of Begonia available today. Tuberous Begonias are indeed beautiful flowers and these Begonia species need a soil moist enough to thrive as well as a direct light source or any area with easily light spaces. Begonias grow best in warmer climates but you can also find them thriving in colder regions in east Asia. 

Here are just some of the many types of garden Begonias. One of the most adored Begonias includes the wax Begonia Begonia semperflorens-cultorum. It is native to South America and South Africa. The Scarlet Begonia (Begonia coccinea), Angel wings, and Darker Side of the Moon are also just some of the vast majority species of Begonias. The Kimjongilia is a special type of Begonia named after the late North Korea president, Kim Jong-il. 

Symbolism of Begonia Blossoms

The Begonias symbolize a lot of fascinating things. Begonias are great flowers that have a secret message that can symbolize love. Sometimes, Begonias stand for prosperity and wealth. It is believed that these are great floral arrangement gifts for those with newly purchased homes! These will surely bring into the home good fortune and happy memories! 

Since it symbolizes love because of the shape of its blossoms, it can also be symbolic of the human tendency of thinking more with the heart than the head. Simply put into meaning that emotions overpower rationality which I’m sure a lot of people are most guilty of when the moment arises! So these flowers can mean a false sense of security or a warning sign.

Other meanings a Begonia can symbolize include harmonious communication or a good communication. In terms of romance, it shows undying love between two people and the final thoughts at the last moment.

red begonia

Meaning of Begonia Blooms

If you’re thinking of assembling a bouquet of Begonias, well, you better rethink that or express your real message with a flower card. That is because the Begonia flower meanings include begone, beware, or dark thoughts. Another meaning of the Begonia is caution or warning. 

Surprisingly, the most important etymological meaning for this flower lies not in mischief or good luck. It is actually deep-rooted in the history of how it acquired its name through a historical act of repaying a favor. Still guessing? It simply derives from the action of Charles Plumier for Michel Bégon. 

Contrary to this darker meaning, the flower may also have the most positive meaning. These flowers can indicate happiness and goodness in one’s self. It can also have a specific meaning of an undying love. In fact, there are other special meanings associated with the flower. It has something to do with its floral color meaning. 

The Begonia colors include the universal color white, red, pink, purple, orange, and yellow. These are bright colors for a common flower but it will come in a variety of different meanings. Each flower color has a distinct symbolic meaning so if you are thinking of giving this flower, choose the right color to send the right message. Here is the list of some of the many colors a Begonia blooms in.

What Does a White Begonia Flower Symbolize?

White Begonias have a special symbolic meaning. Similar to the Yang from ancient Chinese cultural philosophy, these white flowers embody the tranquility of innocence and balance. The color white brings a sense of peace into the environment of any garden or yard. 

What Do Red Begonias Mean?

The red Begonia flower meaning is quite different from other regular red flowers. In fact, the red begonias have different hues, some say that red and pink Begonias look identical in color. 

Nevertheless, a red Begonia symbolizes love and romance according to ancient Chinese folklore. It also represents a pure heart and self-discipline

What Does a Pink Begonia Blossom Represent?

Pink Begonias have a very light and uplifting meaning. A fanciful and cheerful nature is represented by such pink flowers. The pink Begonia flower meaning embodies bright and friendly expressions. 

What Does a Purple Begonia Floret Indicate?

As common as in other purple flowers, the meaning for Begonias is no different. Purple Begonias indicate cordiality and having great company! These are great to give when hanging out with friends! 

What Does an Orange Begonia Flower Mean?

Flowers of such colors embody the meaning of uniqueness and rarity. Being almost as radiant as the color of the sun, a flower of this color is inviting you to have a spontaneous adventure for the day!

What Do Yellow Begonias Symbolize?

Yellow flowers usually symbolize the warmth and joy of the sun. In this case, a yellow Begonia flower symbolizes new beginnings and the chance at starting something new. 

What is the Cultural Significance of Begonias?

There are quite a few cultural meanings associated with the Begonias. And because of these diverse cultural meanings, many cultures take its meaning very seriously – in traditions and practices. 

It was previously mentioned that Begonias are a central part of ancient Chinese culture. It is known as the flower of romance in China because of the legend of estranged two lovers. The tale goes on to tell that a beautiful young lady was suddenly deserted by her lover. Devastated by the heartbreak, she spent years lamenting his departure while also waiting for his return. One day, a flower suddenly appeared in the place where she stood longing for him, and thus came the tale of the Begonias.

In other cultures, the flower is a symbol that means danger or a warning before bad things happen. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Begonias?

In the sense of spiritual healing, the presence of these flowers allows the feelings of trust, safety, and security of life again after a life-threatening or traumatic personal experience.

What does a Begonia Floral Tattoo Mean?

A Begonia tattoo design such as this embodies the attraction of wealth and genuine happiness. Begonia tattoos also bring about happiness within oneself. 

What Messages do Begonias Send?

Aside from bearing symbols and meanings, Begonias also send messages or heed reminders. The flower’s visual beauty helps remind those of the power of innocence and purity and the initiative of forming peaceful alliances. 

Other such daily reminders these flowers convey include staying dedicated to your cause and always proceed with utmost modesty and confidence. These are something to live up to daily with all the things happening in the world today.

Uses of the Begonia Plant

Begonias are an amazing ornamental plant or decorative plant you can add to your flower garden or in hanging baskets. Professional gardeners say that planting Begonias will make a lovely addition to your garden because it is the perfect gift during Valentine’s day or Mother’s day. It is a unique and excellent gift aside from the common rose. 

Begonias are indeed a beautiful blossom – this flower makes for an excellent choice to be given as a gift during special occasions or as decorative flowers. Because it is such a beautiful flower, Begonias are often used as a decorative bouquet or a congratulatory gift to a loved one that symbolizes good karma or to stay healthy. It can also symbolize individuality.

To gift Begonias is an excellent way to express your thoughts, but it is also on the main menu for other industries. The cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries have other uses for this plant. Its leaves function as a source of leafy greens, aside from the fact that it is frequently furnished as a houseplant or garden ornament. 

Natural cosmetics always get the attention of makeup lovers from all around. Did you know that the juice extracts from the plant’s leaves and flowers are combined with honey from bees to create facial artifice or makeup? Really fresh and right from natural sources – which most people prefer nowadays, fresh and natural.

This mixture is also used as a treatment for ringworms and parasitic skin diseases. A word of warning that it’s a must to always consult a medical professional before using this plant or any part of it for medical purposes.

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