What Does Columbine Flower Mean and Symbolise?

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The Columbine is one of the most renowned exquisite flowers of the world. This perennial is a recognized plant for some of its quite peculiar meanings and symbolism throughout history.

The flower beau is not only enchanting but also enticing for garden enthusiasts.

History of Columbine Flower

Identified botanically as the genus Aquilegia, the Columbine was first defined by acclaimed Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus in 1753. The genus arises from the Ranunculaceae or buttercup family with over 70 remarkably stunning species! Aquila in Latin denotes the similarities of the flowers’ claw-like spurs to that of the talons of an eagle. 

Aquilegia also refers to the European crowfoot or Granny’s Bonnet. It is a native plant in Europe and mostly thrives in the northern temperate regions of the hemisphere. The plant is known to contain cyanogenic glucoside but can still be used as a medicinal herb. 

Symbolism of Columbine

Aquilegia symbolisms are so diverse that it dates back to eras of ancient Greek and Roman cultures. The floral spurs interestingly symbolized a provoked implication of an erect penis. 

It is also an embodiment for Venus and Aphrodite: the goddesses of love and beauty. Legend has it that seeds placed in a small pouch enchant a lover to whoever carries it around. 

Celtic customs also believe that the Aquilegia represents a door to another dimension. In the medieval era, the blossoms were thought to be consumed by lions. This led to a custom of rubbing the flower on both hands or adorning as emblems as a mark of courage.

Consequently, Austrians also denoted that the flowers represent five doves fluttering together. Other symbolic connotations of the flower include strength, foolishness, wisdom, triumph, and forsaken love.

In modern times, the state of Colorado recognizes Columbines as its official flower elected 1899. 

Meaning of Columbine

The definition of this flower can be as wondrous as the colors it represents. It is no exception to the dainty colors of Aquilegia flowers during bloom in spring. 

What Does a Blue Columbine Flower Mean?

The color blue is usually associated with the mystique of the oceans and seas. Aquilegia blossoms with shades of blue symbolize hope and tranquility.

What Does a Red Columbine Flower Represent?

Although red attributes to love and passion, the symbolism of this color for Columbines conflicts with this norm. Red Aquilegia flowers signify fret and anxiousness.

What Does a Pink Columbine Flower Signify?

Pink Aquilegia florets epitomize the beauty and serenity of a woman. Contrary to popular belief, it is viewed as bad luck to bestow Columbine flowers to a woman. 

What Does a Purple Columbine Flower Symbolize?

Purple is a color notable to royal families. Albeit the symbolism of purple flowers is unlike that of royalty, it instead symbolizes passion and penance.  

What Does a Yellow Columbine Flower Mean?

Yellow as the color of this dainty flower represents a feeling of nimbleness and vivacity. 

What Does a White Columbine Flower Represent?

White-hued Columbines express holiness and purity ascribed to the life of Christ. 

What Does a Columbine Tattoo Symbolize?

Columbine tattoos are uncommon as floral body art design compared to other flowers. This design choice embodies a collection of meanings and symbols. 

What Does the Columbine Portray in Art?

Art provides a medium of creativity and expression with various forms and techniques. Aquilegia flowers in works of art were evident in the early times of Christ. The flower was depicted along with prophets, saints, and even protestant reformers conveying fidelity and support of the Holy Spirit.

The work of Shakespeare also involved the portrayal of the bloom. In his esteemed play Hamlet, the Columbines symbolize ingratitude and infidelity during Ophelia’s insanity act of collecting the plants. 

What is the Biblical Significance of the Columbine?

The Bible is a book full of meaning and symbolism for different plants and flowers. The Columbine is no exception to this as it is signified as a flower praising God. 

The floral spurs illustrate five doves perching together and that its tripartite leaves are symbolic of the Holy Spirit. 

A bouquet of seven columbine blossoms each represents the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, intelligence, advice, strength, knowledge, reverence, and fear of God. Meanwhile, the motif of these flowers indicates the three Christian virtues of faith, hope, and love.

*image credit: ivusakzkrabice/depositphotos