Cosmos Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses You Should Know

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The beautiful cosmos flower is regarded as the flower of the universe for its very interesting flower meaning and symbolism. Take one good look at these flowers and you get what this means! Aside from blooming into beautiful floras, it holds a deeper history given its different flower color meanings.

Cosmos are one of the most popular flowers found in any garden. Like many other flowers, it is the perfect choice of ornamental, culinary, or even medicinal plants. It comes in many bright and cheery colors such as white which means purity, red represents love, and pink symbolizes beauty. Other colors such as purple, yellow, and orange each symbolizes balance, a slighted love, and self satisfaction, respectively.

History of Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos flowers have a long history from what is known in the world today. The first-ever mention of the Cosmos dates back to the 6th century B.C. Greek philosopher Pythagoras was the first to use the word cosmos in Greek mythology. The name comes from the Greek word kosmos which meant world order and harmony. 

These annual or perennial flowers are primarily native to Mexico and Central and South America. Spanish priests were the first to cultivate the flowers during their missionaries in Mexico. And thanks to the voyages of early Spanish explorers during the 16th century, cosmos have come to the natural world such as in South Africa.

Cosmos belong to the daisy or Asteraceae family. It is a flower of the Compositae genus and the most popular species of the Cosmos is the garden Cosmos. Aside from popular species Cosmos bipinnatus or Garden cosmos, other types of flowers include the Sulfur cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus) and the Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus).

These plants, either annual or perennial depending on species, can be planted during early spring and can live for up to about two years. Its flowers come to bloom during mid to late summer.

yellow cosmos flower

Symbolism of Cosmos Blossoms

Just like other flowers, cosmos have a very rich symbolism. Cosmos flowers symbolize the aspirations in life or death. Because of its symmetrical petals or evenly placed petals, it creates an orderly arrangement or an orderly appearance. Its floral shape alone is why a cosmos symbolize order. It is also said to be a link between the earth, heavens, and underworld. 

A cosmos flower represents balance and a sacred geometry, it can also symbolize peace in everyday life. It can also represent love or romantic love between people. But its most popular symbolism is that a cosmos flower represents order harmony. The whole manifestation of the universe sits peacefully on the petals of this blossom.

cosmos flowers

Meaning of Cosmos Flowers

Growing cosmos flowers is something to definitely do in the garden because cosmos flower meanings are very similar to its symbolism. For its etymological meaning, a cosmos flower mean universal harmony or perfect harmony according to Mexican culture. Its showy petals behold the coherence of cosmic elements. These perfect flowers have a deeper meaning besides this.  

Cosmos meanings don’t only mean one thing but can also mean other meanings. Aside from its unique meaning or harmony and order, it relays the message of the true desires in our hearts that bear fruit to the beauty seen today. Here are some of the different meanings behind each of the cosmos floral colors.

What does a White Cosmos Flower Mean?

White cosmos flowers hold the meaning of modesty and purity. These white flowers resonate with the simplicity of the world, specifically of Mother Nature and the environment.

What does a Red Cosmos Flower Symbolize?

Red cosmos flowers symbolize universal love all over the world. It embodies the purest of passions and deepest of devotions. It stands for the primal energy felt towards the love and passion for a romantic partner or loved one.

What does a Pink Cosmos Flower Indicate?

Pink cosmos flowers imply innocent beauty and peace. It can also symbolize gentle feminine energy. Just as the world is always as awing every day, so are these flowers when in time to bloom!

What does a Purple Cosmos Floret Represent?

The flowers with purple petals embody the balance and harmony in the environment. It represents the tranquility of life if you slow down and pause for a moment.

What does a Yellow Flower Symbolize?

Yellow cosmos flowers give a sense of enlightenment and spiritual well-being. Just like the sun, these yellow flowers signify that every day starts anew. Most of the time, these flowers can also mean a slighted love.

What does an Orange Blossom Mean?

Happiness and self-satisfaction are meant by an orange cosmos. The orange cosmos flower meaning is a reminder of enjoying even the simplest of things in life. 

What is the Cultural Significance of Cosmos Blooms?

Various cultures have given importance to the cosmos. In the many traditions of the Japanese, the Cosmos are symbolic of Autumn. The Japanese celebrate a yearly feast named Cosmos festa to honor the flowers. It is honored by the Higashi Sanbin Flower Valley in Shimane during October. In the late 90’s, a popular movement called the World Kindness Movement was also started in Japan. It promoted global peace and used the flowers as a symbol of that movement. 

The arts in India also honor the symbolic meaning of these flowers. It represents the two-fold manifestation of good and evil, similar to the Yin and Yang of Chinese culture. Both of these manifestations lead to a balance of life. 

Meanwhile, the Kraton or the Palace of Yogyakarta in Indonesia also adores the flowers as the intricate design of the palace pavilion. The design is solely based on the reflection of the Javanese cosmos. It represents the intricate link between God, man, and the natural realms of the world.

What are the Myths and Folktales told about Cosmos?

There is one particular story about the magic of the cosmos. In the early days, many say that these flowers attract many mythical creatures such as faeries into the garden because of their harmonious appearance. It made these creatures feel safe and right at home.

What is the Spiritual Significance Behind Cosmos Flowers?

It’s no stranger that these flowers hold a very profound spiritual meaning. The blossoms offer a sense of cleansing and detoxification of powerful connections in the earth and personal life perspectives. It also has a strong association as a throat chakra. It can soothe even one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual entanglements as well as those in the environment. 

Another cosmos spiritual meaning is its power of longevity. This helps protect people from negative energy and is said to be a symbol of a god’s love.  

What does a Cosmos Flower Tattoo Symbolize?

These cosmic blossoms are popularly associated as a flower of October along with Marigolds. Both flowers bear beautifully vibrant colors that radiate any surrounding. For the case of these cosmic flowers, a cosmos tattoo embodies one’s peacefulness and wholeness.

Uses of Cosmos Plants

The flowers are known to be rich in nectar and are frequently used as an ornamental plant in a cottage garden that attracts many bees in Korea and Japan. It is also a great cut flower or wonderful gift to decorate homes or turn into floral arrangements. You can say it has self reliance because of its ability to self seed unlike other plants that aren’t as self reliant.

Apart from being a great gift idea, this flower also has known traditional medicinal properties and culinary uses. These plants are easy to grow and are the easiest flowers to harvest as well. Young leaves and shoots are often used in cooked dishes or consumed raw in as a lalab or gutang side dish with rice in Indonesia. The flower petals are also edible and are popularly used as a garnish in fresh salads in Thailand. 

Native Americans also made use of this flower as an excellent choice for a natural yellow dye. It also has medicinal purposes aside from being used as natural dyes. Traditional practices saw medicinal potentials such as having antioxidant properties and is a powerful anti inflammatory ingredient. It is used as a traditional remedy that can treat skin problems and sore muscles. 

In Brazil, the plants were used to treat malaria. Treating malaria used the flower’s infused natural oils. Some final thoughts and reminders that it’s a must to always consult a medical professional before using this plant or any part of it for medical purposes.

~ image source: depositphotos/amornchaijj

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