What Does Crocus Flower Mean and Symbolise?

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The Crocus flower is one like no other in the flora of this world! Its blossoms are as beautiful as they are fragrant. If you had no idea at all, a particular species of this flower is well known for being one of the most expensive spices on the market. 

History of Crocus Blossom

Aside from being an ornamental flower, it is also a famous culinary gem. Did you know that the luxurious spice saffron comes from the stamen of these crocus flowers? I bet not because neither did I! The saffron is scientifically known as Crocus sativus.

It is indigenous to Southern Europe and Southwest Asia. Croci or Crocuses, which are the plural forms of Crocus, were first discovered in the Bronze Age Minoan Crete culture dating back to 1,500 B.C. Women of this era wore the florets as hair trinkets and incorporated them in make-up for the dark red dye. Surprisingly, Egyptian artifacts also showcased the marvel of these flowers in 1,600 B.C!

Legends and folklore of this flower go as far and wide as the earth. It reaches the nations not only of the Greeks and Romans but also the Indians and Jews! It really just goes to show that these flowers are fascinatingly a stand-out in both color and history!

Symbolism of Crocus Florets

A dozen of symbols are bound with the Croci that are too many to mention. The symbolism of illicit love comes from a story about a young boy named Crocus and his affection for Smilax. Upon his death, the Greek gods then turned him into the flower we know today. Greek lore also tells a tale about the smitten beauty of Iphigenia that symbolizes the feminine beauty of the flower. 

In Jewish traditions, the Song of Solomon sang high regards for the croci honoring it as the chief of all spices. Besides this, it is also believed to be dedicated to St. Valentine celebrating the symbol of spirituality. 

The ancient Romans also used this blossom as an emblem of and potion for love. During the era of Nero in Rome, Crocuses are significant cordial tokens and tonics for the heart. The esteemed Roman writer Homer portrayed these flowers on the marriage bed of the King and Queen of heaven. It was believed to signify the glowing Crocuses that make the mountain gleam.  

Contrary to symbolizing love and youthfulness, this blossom also signifies death. Historic Indian stories denote the saffron as a robe of death. Indian Rajahs would prefer to wear their saffron robes as a proclamation of death over the shame and dishonor of defeat during battle. 

Meaning of Crocus Blooms

Crocus is lifted from the Latin adjective crocatus meaning saffron yellow. It is a perennial low-lying bulbous plant from the Iridaceae family. Also known as the Iris family, it includes over 75 species habitually blooming in the early season of Spring.  

What Does a Purple Crocus Flower Mean?

Purple croci are the most sought-after floral color for this plant. It symbolizes merriment, youthfulness, and hope. 

What Does a Blue Crocus Blossom Symbolize?

Blue associates the feelings of being down or disheartened. Blue Crocuses often relay a message of the best days being in the past.

What Does a White Crocus Floret Represent?

White Crocuses are believed to mirror the beauty of the lotus. It symbolizes a child’s purity and honesty which is taken from the story of the young boy Crocus!

What Does a Yellow Crocus Bloom Signify?

Yellow croci embody the cheerfulness and joy in life and love.

What Does an Orange Crocus Flower Mean?

Crocuses with orange flowers signify hardiness and the warning not to abuse someone or something. 

What is the Cultural Significance of a Crocus Floret?

Numerous cultures adorn Crocuses for their vision and rarity. It is now widely accustomed across the planet for the cultivations of spice, pigment, and floral ornament.

Egyptians wreathed their wine chalices with croci for merry drinking and feasting and pigmented their robes for religious rights and practices. Romans also mimicked the adornment of the croci in their banquet halls and private residences. 

What is the Biblical Meaning of a Crocus Blossom?

Crocuses embody the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The blossoms symbolize Her virginity and purity fitting for the blessed Mother of God.

What Does the Crocus Bloom Symbolize in Korea?

Korean customs assign a flower for every passing day of the year. In the case of the spring Crocus, the assigned date of the year is the 31st of January symbolizing the joy of youth!

What Does a Crocus Floral Tattoo Mean?

Since it is commonly portrayed as a symbol of youthfulness, a Crocus floral tattoo signifies the brewing breeze of Spring. Therefore, croci tattoos represent one’s excitement and glee for a new season or chapter in life.

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