Daffodil Flower Meaning, Symbolism of Each Color and Uses

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Daffodils can also be commonly known as the narcissus – but don’t think that there isn’t any difference between the two. Truthfully, the daffodil is just one of the many species of flowers under the narcissus! 

The flower daffodil is a beautiful flower and also a cheerful flower at that. Daffodils are popularly used as an ornamental flower and in the past traditional folkloric medicinal purposes. Aside from this, the daffodil meaning and symbolism depends on its rich history and floral colors.

A white daffodil means the highest regards of respect. Other colors such as a purple or pink daffodil symbolizes selfishness or be a symbol of hope. Lastly, a yellow or an orange daffodil represents hope or a new beginning.

History of Daffodil Flowers

The daffodil history is quite similar to the rich history of the narcissus flower. But to set things straight – not all daffodils are narcissus flowers. Daffodils were first defined in 1548 as perennial bulbous plants with trumpet shaped flowers. 

The daffodil bulbs are native to most regions of Northern Europe and Southern Europe and in the Mediterranean region. The flowering plant can also be found along regions in the northern hemisphere with temperate climates.

Daffodils are known as the first flowers of the spring season hence being known as Lent lilies since Ash Wednesday and Easter are celebrated during the same time. These spring flowers can be planted through the cold winter. 

During late winter where winter storms are rampant, the bulbs stay dormant until spring. To get the flowers to bloom, simply wait for the spring season for the first daffodils bloom.

Daffodils belong to the genus Narcissus of the Amaryllidaceae family or Amaryllis family. The Latin word Narcissus genus comes from the Greek word Narkao meaning a narcotic or a numbing effect – more on this later! 

Now, the common name Daffodil does not have the same origin as the Latin name Narcissus. It comes from the words daffodily or affodily. Well, it is actually referring to another plant – the Dutch Asphodel, Greek Asphodelus, or simply the Asphodel. And well, it just so happens that the daffodil looks identical to the daffodil!

The daffodils are scientifically known as Narcissus pseudonarcissus. There are other names the Daffodils are called by. These include the Eastern Lily or the Yellow Maidens. Up next is the daffodil meaning symbolism.

Symbolism of Daffodil Blossoms

There are quite a few interesting symbolisms behind these gorgeous daffodils. For instance, a daffodil symbolism associated with an unrequited love because of the ill-fated love story between Narcissus and the nymph Echo. 

Some also have come to say that a bunch of daffodils represent pure bliss and happiness. Meanwhile, a single daffodil stem symbolizes misfortune.

Such flowers also symbolize hope joy. In fact, the Canadian Cancer Society and American Cancer Society both doing cancer research honors the daffodils as the floral symbol for strength and courage during trying times. 

Daffodil is a traditional flower that represents rebirth and new beginnings since it blooms first in the spring. In fact, William Wordsworth emphasized in his poetry the beauty of the Golden daffodils. 

Daffodils are the March birth flower and also the national flower of Wales. The flowering coincides with St. David’s day which is a day to celebrate David’s faithfulness to his people. In Victorian England, the flowers were given as gifts to express admiration and respect.

white and pink daffodil

Meaning of Daffodil Flowers

The daffodil flowers hold such beautiful symbolic meanings with their delicate appearance. There is actually a very beautiful phrase for these flowers. The sun is always shining whenever I am with you – and this very well means happiness and joy! Who wouldn’t be happy with the bright colors these flowers come in, right?

To your surprise, the meaning of daffodils remind one that he or she is the one and only! Isn’t this flower daffodil meaning so sweet?

Well, you know that they say chivalry is dead – but not when one of the daffodil flower meanings stand for chivalry and bravery! Another daffodil meaning can also stand for personal growth focusing on inner reflection and self love.

Additionally, because of its symbolism of an unrequited love – daffodil flowers have an attached rather sad meaning of emotional sorrow and distraught misfortune.

Here is the list of daffodil colors and the different meanings behind each one.

What does a White Daffodil Flower Mean?

White flowers are truly special flowers. Be it the white colors itself or the white petals, it comes with a very beautiful meaning.

White daffodils can mean two things that go hand and hand with one another – that is regard and respect. 

What does a Pink Daffodil Blossom Symbolize?

Pink daffodils are symbolic of the newfound hope and not surprisingly, the cause for a joyful celebration! Quite literally, it can also symbolise joy.

What does a Purple Daffodil Flower Represent?

Purple daffodil blooms are more often than not associated with being selfish or self-obsessed. So if you know someone who is totally in love with themselves, give them a bouquet of this flower.

What does a Yellow Daffodil Floret Indicate?

This colored flower is often yellow and white but with very bright yellow petals.

Bright yellow daffodils are probably the most popular color for these flowers. These color yellow flowers indicate sweet memories and the hopeful rebirth in the next life.

What does an Orange Daffodil Bloom Represent?

When the change of new beginnings and the blessing of eternal life come into mind – think of a bunch of orange daffodils because that is what these represent!

What is the Cultural Significance of a Daffodil Flower?

There is a cultural practice in Western and Central Europe that holds dear the daffodils. In a special custom, churches are adorned with these flowers as a part of the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ during Easter. This is where the name Eastern Lily takes after from! 

Meanwhile, the Middle East folks have a different custom for these blossoms. For them, these flowers are a symbolic beacon of spring and rebirth. The practice of planting these flowers on the graves of loved ones reminds them of a new beginning to come in the next life. 

In Chinese culture, it is believed that daffodils bloom during the Chinese New Year day (or new year’s day) and that symbolizes good luck and prosperity. That is why each coming year ahead, people make sure that there are daffodils during the celebration to remind us of the good things and good fortune coming.

What is the Spiritual Influence of a Daffodil Blossom?

There are a few key spiritual benefits the Daffodils possess. Healers believe it is a flower of inspiration – opening up communication channels and guiding the completion of a task at hand. It is a chief flower of communication that helps in all forms of reaching out – verbal or body language! 

Apart from guiding in communication, these blossoms also offer a protective shield around the physical body. It invigorates and creates a safe and brighter perspective in life making it more secure for spiritual growth. 

What is the Folktale Associated with a Daffodil Floret?

The myths and tales about these flowers are truly intriguing! According to ancient Greek mythology, the daffodil was described as a pale yellow flower vastly spread throughout the field of Hades. Some have come to say this is the flower of the dead and is quite the favorite of Persephone. 

Because of such a Greek myth, most of the ancient Greeks believed that the scent of such flowers was made of pure evil and can inflict headaches, mental instability, and even death! 

Meanwhile during Medieval times, a Roman myth also claims deceitfulness of the first daffodil. As the story goes, Pluto (Roman counterpart of Hades) used these blossoms to lure Proserpina (Roman counterpart of Persephone) to the Underworld. She was amazed by the beauty of these flowers and upon letting her guard down as she plucked to admire one – Pluto snatched her away in the blink of an eye!

Some tales even associate the daffodils with the popular flower narcissus. The story goes that Narcissus was a young man and the son of a river god and a water nymph. When Narcissus rejected love advancements, it enraged a god and casted a curse upon him. Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection.

What does a Daffodil Floral Tattoo Symbolize?

A dear daffodil floral tattoo has a very deep spiritual and positive symbolism. Most of those who choose this design would like to embody an ode to the new – new life, new beginning, or new whatever it is you’ve started anew! 

In some cases, having this tattoo is symbolic of rebirth – a chance at a second life after a tragedy or a really rough downfall! 

Uses of Daffodils

Just like other flowers, the daffodils are no different from being a popular choice of ornamental flowers. It can be decorated as a garden flower or placed as a potted plant in porches or indoors. Additionally, if you’d like to share your florals with special friends, you can arrange these as fresh flowers in beautiful bouquets or vases!

Alas, there are also some medicinal properties for traditional medicine for daffodils. In folkloric medicine practice, the daffodil bulb extract was applied as a topical treatment with anti-inflammatory properties for open wounds and injuries.

Some other medical claims that the daffodil bulb extract has included treating dilated veins and improving blood flow, metabolism and complexion. Most surprisingly, this extract was said to be able to prevent signs of skin age and damage caused by harsh UV rays. But be cautious as more sap contains calcium oxalate which may cause skin irritation.

Likewise, adding vinegar to the bulb extract has an acclaimed ability to treat fungal diseases of the skin. A word of warning that it’s a must to always consult a medical professional before using this plant or any part of it for medical purposes.

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