What Does Freesia Flower Mean and Symbolise?

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This is not a common flower you hear about every day. If you also haven’t heard of the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, it’s about time you did too! This wondrous paradise is home to some of the most beautiful and vibrant flowers ever seen.

One of these vibrant flowers includes the Freesias – small yet very sweet-scented dainty flowers. The Freesias hold a very special floral message. Its symbolic meanings are just as charming as the flower’s first bloom! 

History of Freesia Flowers

The Freesias were first defined in 1882 as a perennial herb native to the paradise of South Africa. It includes a collection of charmingly and delicately sweet-scented flowers. If you’re curious about its scent, imagine breathing in a subtle and lemony fragrance because that is just how these flowers smell! 

The spring flowers belong to the genus Freesia of the Iris or Iridaceae family. Today, there are only about 20 of these vibrant species with colors from rays of white, to pink, to yellow, and to red! 

Are you curious about how these flowers got this name? You should be! These flowers were named on behalf of Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese – a German physician. He was the first to discover these charming flowers in Cape Colony from South Africa! 

Amongst the 20 species of the Freesias, these 3 species stand out and are a floral favorite for gardeners and flower lovers across the globe. These include the common Freesia (F. refracta), the tinged rose-purple Freesia (F. armstrongii), and the Flowering grass (F. laxa). 

Symbolism of Freesia Blossoms

The symbolism behind the Freesias is very heart-warming and inspirational. It is not only an inspiration but is actually also a reminder of all the beautiful things in life. 

The blooming of a Freesia is believed to be a symbol of platonic love – a love with no romance but just pure and genuine compassion. This is why some folks give these flowers as bouquets to dear friends and family!

In a more philosophical point of view, many say a newly bloomed Freesia symbolizes overcoming and moving forward from matters that involve a broken trust. If you’d like a flower to guide you as a daily reminder, then these are perfect for you! These blooms are a reminder that all things – that includes broken trust, heal with time and a newly found strength. 

Meaning of Freesia Flowers

Freesia blossoms are truly magnificent heralds of very lovely meanings! In the Victorian language of flowers, a Freesia flower means trust and true friendship. Many say that with a strong foundation of trust and loyal friendship comes a thoughtful heart and open mind. No wonder these flowers grew in the Cape of Good Hope! It’s a beautiful messenger of the culture and traditions of the African tribes!

In some beliefs, Freesias means being childish or immature. At a first glance, these flowers do look like little children! But deep within the vibrant color of its petals conveys more intense meanings of faithfulness and fidelity – in the context of love and romance!

What does a White Freesia Flower Mean?

Many African natives believe that the meaning behind white Freesias is innocence and purity. They can’t be wrong there because the colors are like the ivory horns of a rhino!

What does a Pink Freesia Blossom Symbolize?

Motherly love is undoubtedly the strongest form of love there is. Many people say that nothing compares to the love of a mother – and that is just what pink Freesias symbolize! A mother’s never-ending love. 

What does a Red Freesia Floret Indicate?

Red-petaled Freesias indicate devoted passion and determination – not just in love but also in thrilling and exciting adventures of life as well!

What does a Yellow Bloom Represent?

Freesias are already well-liked for their soft lemony scent and gorgeous design. It’s no surprise that this yellow flower represents genuine joy and glee!

What is the Cultural Significance of Freesia Flowers?

In the concrete jungle of New York City, these wonderful blooms were the latest floral ornament in 1886. You might think these were placed on the blouses of pretty women but no! These were actually the latest floral decor for men’s boutonnieres! 

What are the Folktales Associated with Freesia Blooms?

Freesias grow way taller than Gladioli making it an excellent choice for a cut flower in vases and bouquets! Many folks say these cut flowers are best in bridal bouquets for fidelity! 

According to popular belief, Freesias are best not arranged with Narcissus flowers. Why? Well, floral enthusiasts say it is because this means an untimely and catastrophic demise!

What is the Spiritual Influence of Freesia Flowers?

The essence of a Freesia blossom invigorates a wide sense of spirituality. It broadens the mind’s clarity and focus by transforming negative energies into positive ones and increasing bodily chakra.

In the realm of healing, these flowers are known to promote cleansing. From the healing of abuse to the strengthening of courage, these Freesias will assist one as a guide on the journey. It is a reminder that amidst all life struggles and pains, loving and accepting yourself are the key to peace and happiness. 

What does a Freesia Floral Tattoo Symbolize?

Freesia blossoms upon blooming are just stunning! Choosing this flower for a tattoo design will not only indicate beauty but also wisdom. In short, this is a flower symbolizing both beauty and brains! Alongside being beautiful, a Freesia tattoo also symbolizes having lifelong friendship and trust with each other that is truly cherished. 

Uses of Freesias

A Freesia is most popularly cultivated as an ornamental potted or outdoor garden flowering plant. A few who know the deep meaning and symbolism behind this use it as a cut flower in bouquets.

Did you know that the flowers are edible? In fact, some cuisines enjoy the delicacy of the blossoms that they garnish in fresh salads and cooked dishes for aesthetics. The fresh petals of the flowers are infused with a sugar base syrup to add more flavor to sorbets. What are sorbets? It’s a popular frozen dessert with fruit juice extract – but in this case, Freesia flower extract!

As you already know, aesthetics are not only famous in food. The cosmetic industry also prizes these flowers for their lemony scent. After the discovery of its lemony scent, florists and cosmeticians adore these. It contains numerous kinds of volatile oil compounds causing the said scent. The scented flowers are used as a fragrance in many beautifying products. These include hand creams, shampoos, candles, and even makeup!

There is currently no known folkloric or traditional medical use for the Freesias. So, it may be best to appreciate these flowers in delicacies and cosmetic items! 

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