What Does Magnolia Flower Mean and Symbolise?

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The Magnolia is known as one of the world’s primeval cultivated flowering plants. Mostly marveled for its grandeur flowers and leaves, its meaning and symbolism present a whole new perspective of the species. 

This plant has more to offer than just its exquisite flowers – and here are just some of a few interesting things you may have to know about!

History of Magnolia

The genus Magnolia hails from the Magnoliaceae family which is closely related to the buttercup. It is considered as one of the world’s prehistoric plants which have existed over 100 million years ago. 

The first records of the genus dated back to ancient Aztec history during the time of Montezuma and are now vastly diverse throughout Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

It was first described in the works of Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus between 1735 – 1739 in “System Naturae” and “Species Plantarum”. The genus was named as a tribute to the late French botanist Pierre Magnol for his deep admiration of the plant’s flowers.

Symbolism of Magnolia

Many symbolisms are associated with the Magnolia across the globe. Its flowers symbolize dignity, perseverance, and love during the Victorian era while the tree itself indicates magnificence.

In ancient China, the flower is also known as the ‘jade orchid flower’ which embodies feminine beauty, and purity. Debuted in the Disney animated movie “Mulan”, the female protagonist’s famous hair comb had the magnolia flower design in the film which showcased her beauty as a woman and the dignity of her family. 

The crab apple and peony adorned with the plant’s stunning flowers were often offered as a gift of wishing for wealth and honor. Chinese art also symbolized the beauty of magnolia. Paintings of the flowers with the presence of bees indicated the high regard and self-esteem of an individual.

Great Britain also marvels at the flower of the glorious plant. For the British empire and its colonies, the flower symbolizes global connections of other nations far and wide. 

For the United States, the school children of the States and Mississippi delegated the blossoms of the Magnolia as its official flower in 1952. The state of Louisiana also selected this as its official state flower in the early 1900s. It portrays the South of America’s “tree of society”.

The Japanese translate the flower to “Hanakotoba” and associate it with the love for nature. 

Meaning of Magnolia Flowers

The word “Magnolia” is defined as any genus Magnolia of American or Asian evergreen or deciduous shrubs or trees. The plant’s blossom is also denoted by the arrival of spring.

Legend has it that only the Chinese emperor was permitted to grow these flowers and was only bestowed as gifts upon his most loyal dignitaries. Its various colored flowers each convey a fascinating association.  

What Does a White Magnolia Mean?

This white flower epitomizes love, purity, and perfection for its creamy or ivory hues.

What Does a Pink Magnolia Symbolize?

The plant’s pink colors entail one’s joyful youth and innocence.

What Does a Purple Magnolia Mean?

A purple flower denotes the support of an individual’s wishes for good health and wellness.

What Does a Green Magnolia Represent?

These colored blossoms signify joy with one’s health and good fortune.

What Does a Yellow Blossom Symbolize?

This flower color is associated with a Hindu mythology about the god of love Kamadeva. Similar to the god Cupid, Kamadera’s arrows are tipped with various flowers including the yellow Champa or M. champaca. 

What Does Magnolia Tattoo Symbolize?

Magnolias are popularized tattoo designs as body art for their symbolism of eternity, endurance, and longevity. For the Chinese, body art tattoos of the flower symbolize nobility and purity.

With a different meaning behind each of the blossom’s colors, it is best to pair with what represents the person’s character and personality the most.

What is the Biblical Meaning of a Magnolia Tree?

The bible is one of the many books which showcase plants and flowers with their symbolism. The steel magnolia tree of the South Americas is associated with Mary Magdalene who was a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.

This tree is glorified for its great physique of strength in terms of height and girth. Mary Magdalene during the time of Christ displayed peerless strength during times of struggle.

Are Magnolia Trees for Goodluck?

Although its flowers have diverse symbolisms and the tree itself represents magnificence, the magnolia tree also embodied good luck and fortune.

In the State of Georgia, USA, the prehistoric tree represents a good omen and is considered an important pillar to the stability of one’s home.

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