Marigold Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses You Should Know

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Marigolds are such beautiful flowers that have cheerful colors and blazes like the sun. You would believe once these flowers begin to bloom and dazzle in the morning! Amidst this, the marigold also has its own fair share of dark meaning and symbolism. Marigolds are also very popular garden flowers and traditional medicine.

The bright colors of these flower heads are just like many flowers that have their meanings depending on history and its color. The most popular marigold color is yellow but other colors such as red and orange are common too. Marigold flower color meanings are very unique. A yellow flower means change, a red one represents affection, and an orange one symbolizes healing.

History of Marigold Flowers

The first recorded use of the common name marigold was in the 14th century. It belongs to two different genera namely genus Tagetes or Calendula of the daisy or Asteraceae family. Belonging to either the Tagetes family or Calendula family, the flower’s interesting etymological history still remains. Here’s an interesting fact about the scientific nomenclature of the different genera.

The genus Latin name Calendula derives from the Middle English name of Mother Mary and gold or Mary’s gold. It also comes from the Latin word calenda and commonly referred to as calendar flower or little clock which signals the first day in the Roman calendar. Meanwhile, the genus scientific name Tagetes comes from the name of the religious prophet Tages who has a powerful influence on Etruscan culture. 

Marigolds can also be known as the gold coins of the garden. The first group of marigold was first found in the native region of Latin America, South America, and Central America. It made its way to southern Europe thanks to early Spanish explorers. The flowers can also be found all around the world today such as in southwestern United States and north Africa. 

Since marigolds are flowers of the sun and the perfect remembrance flowers, the best time to start planting most varieties is in spring under full sun. Marigolds bloom during early summer to late fall. Some species are annuals but a few are perennials. Popular species of marigolds include the African marigolds (Tagetes erecta), the French Marigold (Tagetes patula), and the Pot Marigolds (Calendula officinalis). French marigolds are one of the favorite species to have in a garden!

So, What Does Marigold Flower Mean and Symbolise?

Symbolism of Marigold Blossoms

The marigold symbolism is mostly because of how it represents the sun – bright and vibrant. Its flower petals shine and blaze just like the sun and only blooms from nine in the morning until past three in the afternoon! There are also other symbolic meanings for marigolds.

Garden people associate marigolds with being the herb of the sun because this beautiful flower represents the journey of a bright shining star in the sky. In fact, it is actually a flower symbolizing the zodiac sign Leo and is also the birth month October flower.

Marigolds are also symbolic of the Virgin Mary and are called the flower of Mary or the sacred seal of God according to early Christians. The gold-like petals symbolized the crown on Her head and only bloomed during festivals honoring Her. It was made as a sacred offering to the Virgin by the poor who could not afford actual gold. These beloved flowers were offered upon Mary’s altar and granted them a spiritual power of healing and grace. 

Aside from this spiritual symbolism, marigolds also have a deep association with passion and creativity. Some marigold color meanings are sometimes represent grief.

marigold flowers

Meaning of Marigold Blooms

The etymological meaning is closely associated with the sun similar to its symbolic meaning. The basic meanings of marigolds are usually positive meanings but sometimes can also have a few negative connotations. 

The common marigold meaning is mostly associated with its warm colors. No, it doesn’t only come in yellow but instead comes in two colors namely red and orange. Because it is closely associated with the sun, the floral colors may have the same basic meanings of winning grace, sacred golden light, golden prosperity, splendor, and presage. 

In the Victorian flower language, these flowers meant sorrow, grief, and despair. In fact, bringing marigolds to Christenings or a baptism sends the wrong message. There is also another marigold meaning not as dark as this one.

Other marigolds are said to bring positive feelings and strong emotions (also positive emotions) that are pleasant. Marigold meanings can also send positive energy that chases away evil spirits or bad luck during a difficult time. Here are marigold flower color meanings:

What does a Yellow Marigold Flower Mean?

Yellow is no doubt a sunny color and yellow marigolds look like the sun. The bright yellow petals of marigolds send the message of desire for riches and change. Its sunny color is symbolic of expressing one’s trueness and eagerness with discovering new opportunities when life is viewed from a positive perspective.

What does an Orange Marigold Blossom Symbolize?

Orange marigolds are just as bright as a yellow one appears to be. The orange marigold meaning is associated with mental and spiritual healing. Its orange color or orange red hues can also be associated with purity and innocence as well as a colorful imagination. 

What do Red Marigolds Represent?

These red flowers represent constant affection and sympathy in joy and in sorrow. Endurance in love and fidelity are also linked with blossoms of this color sometimes with orange tipped petals. In theatrics, these red petals are perceived as sad flowers in poems and plays. A red marigold displays the strengths of one’s passion and happiness as well as everyday creativity.

What is the Cultural Significance of Marigold Blooms?

The cultural significance of marigolds change depending on many cultures. During the Victorian era, marigolds were messengers of grief and cruelty because of its blooming habit. When the sun sets and the night falls, the flower bows its head and droops into a curl. As the sun rises and the warmth sets in, the flowers open and hold within it the dew of the evening that makes it look like tears!

The Irish folk also believed that these blossoms were cultivated as the protection granted by fairies against evil influences. During the May Day festival honoring May Eve, children gathered these flowers after dusk and made lovely garlands to hang on doors. Aside from this, the Winterville Marigold Festival also held marigolds sport during 1971 to 2022. 

Ancient cultures and pagan religions also have traditions and beliefs still alive today. In southern America, ancient Aztecs believe marigolds are closely associated with the goddess Mictecacihuatl and is a flower with strong ties to the dead or a lost loved one. During saints day and souls day, the dead or lost loved ones would travel back to the earth to be with family members guided by the flower’s golden hues and fragrance.This was known as Dia de los muertos (Dia de muertos) or Day of the Dead. 

During the Middle Ages, the marigold was a flower that acted as love spells or charms. The goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu were known as an ideal couple that used marigolds are flowers for worship.

What are the Superstitions or Mythologies Associated with Marigold Flowers?

According to belief, the Marigold is also called the husband man’s dial for a very interesting reason. The flower petals are used as an ingredient in love charms for rituals or worn as talismans for good fortune in love. In a Hindu wedding celebration, marigold garlands were placed on the happy couple with prosperity, grace, and romantic love. It stands for never experiencing a lost love.

In other Indian cultures, marigolds are also decorated during other religious ceremonies such as the Diwali and Navratri to symbolize purity and divinity. The flowers are popular sacred offerings to the gods and goddesses. Others also believed marigolds had the power to stimulate prophetic and psychic dreams when placed under a pillow!

What does a Marigold Floral Tattoo Symbolize?

A marigold tattoo has a very interesting symbolism. In fact, marigold tattoos are said to embody grief, vibrancy, and success.

Uses of Marigolds

You can find marigolds almost anywhere and are used in many different fields such as ornamentals, culinary, and even medicinal. The flowers are found in vegetable gardens or even monastery gardens because of its many uses. It can be used during special occasions such as summer birthdays or to decorate household altars. Aside from this, it can also be the perfect gift to share with a newly married couple. 

The important role of more blooms of marigold is not only being a great gift or a hard work prize in the garden. Marigolds are often used for its seeds and petals. Creating marigold supplements or essential oils is just one of the many things to do with this plant! It can also be added to many soups, drinks, and dishes for additional flavor.

Aside from this, marigolds are used often with other plants as a natural pest control in the field because of its strong odor. Its strong scent has the full potential to drive away a select group of insect pests and slugs. Keep your flowers in the field alive and water safely to avoid drying.

In ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, marigold flowers (marigolds) were symbolic of healing. Marigold seeds or Tagetes seeds and petals are rich in carotenoids which have many medicinal properties and antioxidant properties. Its healing properties include having anti-inflammatory and antiseptic capabilities. The flowers also have other medicinal purposes. 

Marigolds are often added to sedative medications as medicinal treatments for insomnia and other sleep depriving problems. It helps stimulate a calming effect that helps become drowsy. The flowers can also be applied topically to treat rashes and muscle cramps. But be cautious because this can also cause allergic reactions.

A word of warning that it’s a must to always consult a medical professional before using marigold marigolds or any part of it for medical purposes.

Did you know that Marigold is an October flower?

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