Morning Glory Flower Meaning and Symbolism of Each Color

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An early dawning troupe of trumpets with bursting color is what best describes the morning glory flowers! It comes to life when the first beam of the sunrise appears, hinting at the start of a new day and life for these flowers.

Morning glory vines come in many different varieties as well as many flower colors. The flower meaning and symbolism for each color differs according to the language of flowers.

The different colors include purple, pink, white, red, and blue which have the meanings of mortality, feminine beauty, peace, and passion.

History of Morning Glory Flora

The morning glory is the common name for over a thousand other flowering species. Its scientific name Ipomoea was first described in written works in 1814.

It is a member of the Convolvulaceae family from the Latin word convulvare meaning to twine or bind. The family consists of 50 genera and the largest genus being the Ipomoea.

The morning glory vine is also known as the bindweed originating from the South and Central Americas. It is called morning glory because of how its flowers open at the first sight of the sunrise.

This flower’s lifespan is quite short, only lasting one day – bloom in the morning and withers when the sun sets. Others say that its fleeting nature lasts a single day because of the many meanings and symbolism behind it. 

Apart from the etymological meaning and symbolism morning glories come from, this hardy vine also has different species with the same clinging nature. Some of the popular morning glory varieties include the Tropical White morning glory (Ipomoea alba), Common morning glory (Ipomoea tricolor), and the Japanese morning glory (Ipomoea nil).

Although not entirely part of the morning glory species, the sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) are related to morning glories and share some same botanical characteristics with each other such as having heart shaped leaves.

Symbolism of Morning Glory Blossom

A few fascinating representations are associated with the morning glory plant and flower. Some symbols also involve its seed! In the Victorian era, gravestones have engravings of the flower as a symbol of never-ending love.

For the Victorian flower language, these engravings were also on children’s grave headstones that symbolize a heartful bidding of farewell. 

Its flowers are symbolized as mortality and coquetry in the Eastern and Western parts of the globe.

As a September flower, it is also associated with September denoting the beginning of Autumn.

In rural England, the morning glory symbolize a man’s life – in a more direct meaning, this flower was referred to as the Life of Man. 

In the field of fine arts, the flowers are often portrayed as day flowers alongside the night flower poppies in paintings and portraits.

Intriguingly, the seeds of the blossoms also possess mysterious powers. It was believed that nightmares are kept away when seeds are placed under a pillow while sleeping. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Other symbols affiliated with this flower include death, rebirth, uncertainty, willful promises, and glorious beauty in virtue of the wondrous display of untwining blooms at daybreak.

Meaning of Morning Glory Bloom

Morning glories are defined as plants with a twinning habit of growth and prominent trumpet-shaped flowers. With the astonishing display of its flowers, it is also known for quite a few amiable meanings. 

Some of these meanings involve unrequited love or love never returned. For some, the blossoms also bring about a sense of relaxation and clarity towards life. When it comes to decision making, it denotes intuition and spontaneity about the limitless possibilities that can occur in one’s life. 

Because of its short lifespan, this flower takes the literal meaning of a short life. Even if these blossoms bloom and wither on the same day, their flowers and leaves have a special meaning. The beautiful flower also represents fresh starts while the leaves represent wisdom.  

Overall, these plants imply the happiness, simplicity, and harmony of daily life. While not all flower color meanings are the same, the meaning behind it may have a similar history.

Here are some of the many meanings behind each flower color of morning glory blossoms.

What Does a White Morning Glory Flower Mean?

White bindweed flowers are known for familial attachments and connections. These flowers are best given as accents on bouquets or as garlands to parents and elders as tokens of gratitude. It also has the symbolic meaning that represents purity. 

Besides this, white morning glories are also believed to symbolize dreams of love and peaceful slumber. Because of its meaning in Victorian literature, white bindweeds also represent innocence – most especially the innocence of a child. 

What Does a Red Morning Glory Blossom Signify?

Red is known for passionate love and deep affection. For red bindweeds, it signifies love at first sight or the instinct of protecting a beloved.

What Does a Blue Morning Glory Bloom Symbolize?

Blue bindweeds are as majestic and powerful as the sea. Blue morning glories are known to bring peace and happiness to gardens and homes. If you want peace in your homes, it will be best to add blue morning glory flowers! 

What Does a Pink Morning Glory Floret Represent?

Pink is also associated with affection as well as feminine beauty. Pink morning glories are quite different from the common meaning of pink flowers. The language of this trumpet-shaped flora indicates a successful accomplishment and prevailing good fortune and luck.

What Does a Purple Morning Glory Flower Mean?

The purple bindweed accounts for several meanings. Its symbolism can range from indications of grandeur eminence and resurrection to extinguished hopes and mourning! 

Although in generic definitions, the purple morning glories denotes mortality and the shortness of everyday life.

What Does a Yellow Morning Glory Blossom Symbolize?

Yellow flowers often symbolize bright and warm days or memories. It is oftentimes symbolic of the sun growing from the ground. For a yellow morning glory, it is a flower to promote happiness in every day. 

Bicolor Morning Glory

What is the Cultural Significance of a Morning Glory Blossom?

Many cultures have their own significance for the morning glory. For Japanese culture, the bindweed represents the transience of life. The Japanese poet Moritake wrote of this flower’s beauty that transcends throughout Japanese history. 

In Chinese folklore, the flowers were symbols of two Chinese lovers, Chien Niu and Chih Neu. Since the flowers only lasted for a day, the two lovers only met once every year. Amidst the young lovers only meeting once a year, the two young people always found a way to meet each other. 

This folktale about the two young people was the very reason why morning glories symbolize a strong heart and an undying love in Chinese culture. For some, it meant a love in vain while for others it meant an eternal love. 

What is the Biblical Significance of the Morning Glory Flora?

Flowers of the present-day usually hold a biblical significance to them. Christians believed that the plant’s flowers’ finite nature symbolize life and its day-to-day beginning and end. This belief actually refers to the flowers blooming in the morning and withering in the evening similar to religious ceremonies prayed in the morning and evening. 

In the book of Michael Gaitly titled 33 Days to Morning Glory, he writes of the act of consecrating oneself to Jesus through the Virgin Mary. This is referring to the start of a new day and spiritual journey. 

What is the Spiritual Significance of the Morning Glory Flower?

The spiritual significance of the morning glory blossom differs in many cultures because of its colorful history. For native American culture, the blossom has its own unique spiritual symbolism or spiritual meaning. The flowers were used in a spiritual way for many native rituals and ceremonies. It was symbolic of rebirth and new beginnings for native Americans. It often meant the start of a new journey or a new chapter in life. 

For Hindu beliefs, the flowers were associated with the god Vishnu and had the spiritual purposes of blessing one with good fortune. Meanwhile, Buddhism associates the five petals with the five aspects of enlightenment. 

What Does a Morning Glory Tattoo Represent?

The morning glory floral tattoo design embodies the comeback of the person with this chosen design. It is believed that this tattoo symbolizes the journey of having minor setbacks and incoming major comebacks at the right moment in time. 

Uses of Morning Glory Blooms

Garden flowers have many uses aside from being a beautiful potted plant or an outdoor ornamental. Since the morning glory only blooms during a short moment, it is a flower usually given on one special day. Because of this, Morning glory flowers are often a great choice to combine with other flowers when arranging in a bouquet or vase. 

Morning glory blooms also have medicinal purposes that vary depending on the culture. In Chinese traditional medicine, the flowers were often used as a laxative for stomach problems. Meanwhile, other cultures such as Mexico have a different use for these blossoms. Native Mexican tribes practiced using these plants as traditional medicine and spiritual flowers in religious rituals. 

No matter what these flowers will be used for, they will be perfect in any way you see fit! 

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