Pentas Flower Meaning and Symbolism of Each Color

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Have you ever come across a cluster of dinky flowers but it is as radiant as a star? Maybe pentas flowers are the earth-side stars that have fallen from the sky! These star shaped flowers come in many different colors. 

Pentas plants also have unique meanings and symbolism that are truly a marvel to every garden lover. A pentas plant often symbolizes a star and also means good luck. The different colors of pentas plants also have different meanings. A white pentas means blessing while a red pentas represents passion. Other colors such as pink and purple pentas represent femininity and royalty, respectively. 

History of Pentas

The plant’s Latin name Pentas lanceolata is a genus that stems from the family Rubiaceae or the madder family with over 620 other genera! It is known by many names such as the Egyptian Star Cluster or Star Flower. It is translated from the Greek word “Pente” which means “a series of five”. The name is derived from the plant’s five-petalled florets. Its species is an epithet for the spear-shaped leaves.

Evidence of the flower’s debut dates back to 1844 in the Botanical Magazine; or, Flower Garden Display 70 of renowned English botanist George Bentham. Now adored and cultivated worldwide, it was first native to the lands of East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.  

It has gained its famous reputation in the gardens for its potential to attract honeybees, butterflies, and hummingbirds who play a big role in pollination. Be observant though because pentas also attract spider mites which may harm other flowers in your garden! 

Blooming during all summer long under full sunlight conditions, these flowers are sure to add more color and diversity to your yard. So, if you’re looking for a way to attract a few little pollinator helpers in your flower gardens, then these flowering plants are just the addition you need!

Symbolism of Pentas

The general symbolism of these blooms is typical to those of Hollywood stars or European royalty who are always under the limelight and attention of the media. Whether a star of fame or fortune, these floret clusters are wonders for their irradiant bloom colors. The blossoms are also an image of peace contrary to the attention it allures. It represents luck and bounty associated with its cluster of blooms. 

The pentagon shape is the most associated symbolism of the pentas. This shape in present-day times represents harmony and chaos; a signifier of yin and yang. Each of the formation’s five tips corresponds to the elements of spirit, earth, air, fire, and water. Historical symbolism of this shape also includes the five human senses and fingers. 

Colorful Pentas

Meaning of Pentas 

Originally recognized as African herbs, the floral clusters are cultivated in either mild terrains or greenhouses as ornamental flowering plants. It is characterized by opposite spear-shaped leaves, tube-like flowers, and capsular fruits. Pentas plants grow best under full sun areas with warmer climates and well drained soils. Shady areas also work well if you decide to grow container plants inside your home! 

In many beliefs, the five petals of pentas represent gold coins! Today, there are many varieties of pentas plants grown by many gardeners around the world. These come in many different sizes and colors. In fact, its blossoms are often cherished for the white, red, pink, and purple colors of display!

What Does a White Pentas Flowers Symbolize?

A gifted white floret indicates abundant blessings and fortunes. It can also imply purity and candor.  

What Does a Red Pentas Flower Mean?

As the color implies, the red floral cluster manifests love and passion.

What Does a Pink Pentas Flower Represent?

One of the most vibrant colors of this plant’s flowers, pink pentas epitomize feminine gentleness and radiating beauty. 

What Does a Purple Pentas Flower Symbolize?

The color purple was associated in the past with those of the royalties. Purple blossoms embody royalty and nobility. 

What is the Meaning of Pentas in Flower Arrangement?

Aside from being added as accentuating border plants, these flowers add in a charming jive to home improvement plans. Floral arrangements are the next treasured home decorations next to potted plants. 

The floral clumps make a great addition to floral arrangements as it symbolizes balance and harmony. Varied colors of these floral arrangements can have a whole array of meanings that can surely brighten up anyone’s day!

What Does a Pentas Tattoo Symbolize?

Tattoos are body arts that exemplify one’s self-expression. Egyptian star cluster tattoos are frequently drawn as actual stars on tattoos instead of the normal flower. This body art design indicates one’s self-growth, good well-being, and desire to start anew. Or in other words, a pentas tattoo is symbolic of new growth or growth points in one’s life. 

What is the Biblical Association of Pentas?

Historical representations date back to the early times of Christ. The flower represents the five controversial wounds of Jesus during the Crucifixion. These wounds are found on His two hands or wrists, two feet, and chest. These symbolically interpret the ease of pain such as the rise of Christ. 

Uses of Pentas Flowers

Many garden lovers plant pentas not only for their simple beauty but also for the other uses it possesses. Pentas flowers are also used as herbal medicine in many cultures. In tropical Africa, many African indigenous people use different varieties of pentas to treat various diseases such as malaria, tapeworm, syphilis, and even snake poisoning!

In other countries, pentas blossoms can be found served in the main menu – mostly in fresh salads! Asian countries such as the Philippines, enjoy having pentas garnished on freshly mixed salads.

*image credit: simonapavan/depositphotos

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