What Does Phlox Flower Mean and Symbolise?

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The Phlox flower sounds just about as old-fashioned as the name! Lo and behold a flower that embodies the valor of champions! 

History of Phlox Flower

Did you know that the name of this flower is also the family it originates from? The Phlox or commonly known as the Polemoniaceae family includes 65 other antiquated and novel species. Aside from this, a few flora enthusiasts also refer to it as the garden Phlox or the Phlox paniculata.

The term was first coined by the Roman scholar Pliny in the year 1706 as a rendition of the red campion (Lychnis). Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus then transferred the terminology of the name in 1737. 

Symbolism of Phlox Flower

This plant’s blossoms are no different from other old-fashioned flowers with its amassed symbolism. 

In Latin, the Phlox simply translates to the word flower referring to the profusion of florets on the plant. The name derives from the Greek word phlogos which interprets the word flame. This derivation hints at the ferocity of the flower’s different colors and resemblance to a torch.

The Medieval eras also preserved the symbolism of the florets through knighthood and heraldic figures. Shields adorned with white lilies, harebells, and phlox blossoms were bestowed upon knights, esquires, and gentlemen as tokens of gratitude for their service. These shields were also said to symbolize purity and simplicity. 

Meaning of Phlox Flower

Phloxes are an annual or perennial herb native to North America. What’s astonishing about this flower is that its colors appear either solid or variegated. Its floral blossoms come in blue, red, pink, purple, and white depending on species. These wondrous blossoms begin budding between the months of Summer and Spring just after pollination. 

What Does a Phlox Flower Color Symbolize?

There is currently no definitive symbolism yet for Phlox’s collection of floral colors. The most abundant colors of its florets come in white and pink which signify unity and intimacy.

What Does a Phlox Flower Portray in Art?

Art is a common medium for expressing one’s thoughts and emotions. Murals of sceneries hold to it the embodiment of beauty and bounty. 

Phloxes portrayed in paintings depict the togetherness of family and how people think alike. If you examine it closely, you will find that a bounty of florets is on one plant alone. It is an implication of a well-grounded individual and the unity of each member of the family.

What Does a Phlox Flower Implicate in Relationships?

May it be familial, friendly, or romantic, this flower has a meaning for each connection. This plant’s florets in families signify the unity of souls, for a pal, friendliness and good companionship, and a significant other, a proposal of love or marriage. 

What Do Phloxes Mean in Floral Arrangements?

Any flora-loving individual knows that floral arrangements always have a meaning behind them. The same idea applies to that of this floret ornamented into a beautiful ensemble. The blossom is somewhat versatile while simultaneously subtle and romantic in bouquets. 

Bouquets of the phlox hand over to any individual symbolize high regard and utmost importance. 

*image credit: sapfirhik/depositphotos