What Does Snowdrop Flower Mean and Symbolise?

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Snowdrops appear like little silky ornaments on a bed of snow before the break of Spring. If you haven’t noticed it yet, these dainty blossoms resemble much like fine pieces of jewelry. Once you read up on the delightful meaning and symbolism of this flower, you’ll surely make it an addition to your garden!

History of Snowdrop Flowers

Before being called Snowdrops, the flower was first described as white violets by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus in 4th B.C. The common name known today came from the drop-like shape of the flower which was a popular motif for earrings in Germany during the 16th until 17th century. 

Snowdrops are perennial bulbous herb originating from the Galanthus genus of the amaryllis or Amaryllidaceae family. There are at least 20 astounding species cultivated today as ornamental garden plants. The genus translates from Greek words gala and anthos meaning the milk flower

These flowers are native to Europe and Southwest Asia. Some of the more popular species include the common Snowdrop Galanthus nivalis and the giant Snowdrop Galanthus elwesii. Other names of Snowdrops include Morning star, Milk flower, and Candlemas bells. 

Symbolism of Snowdrop Blossoms

The symbolic meaning of these flowers lay behind their time of bloom. The forthcoming of these blossoms indicate that Winter has come to an end signifying the hope for better times ahead. It is also symbolic as the harbinger of Spring and is associated as the birth flower of January. 

Meaning of Snowdrop Flowers

Being the first flower emerging from the cold depths of the snow, Snowdrops offer a few dark and reassuring meanings. There is hearsay going around about a single Snowdrop. Bringing a single stem of this flower into a home meant the impending death and bad luck for whoever resides in the house. Don’t let this intimidate you though because Milk flowers also send a reassuring message of calming your fears and comforting you during your darkest days. 

What does a White Snowdrop Flower Mean?

White milk flowers hold the symbolic meaning of purity and innocence. It also bears the meaning of purity and humility just like the sight the first snow offers.

What does a Pink Snowdrop Blossom Symbolize?

Snowdrops bearing gracious pink petals symbolize a friend with a helping hand and ready to offer it whenever necessary. It embodies one’s kind-hearted nature and eagerness to spread goodwill. 

What does a Purple Snowdrop Floret Indicate?

A purple milk flower hints at one’s first-ever emotions of love. Now, these emotions are not exclusive to love alone, but surprisingly, it also offers one’s consolation and empathy. 

What does a Blue Snowdrop Bloom Represent?

Milk flowers with mellow blue petals represent one’s chastity and death. It embodies the cold and lifeless state of the ice the flowers bloom from. 

What does a Yellow Snowdrop Flower Symbolize?

Yellow Snowdrops are a symbol representing friendship and relationships. These flowers are also symbolic of happiness and spring of joy!

What is the Superstition Behind Snowdrop Flowers?

Early Victorians believed that Milk flowers are harbingers of death and a bad omen. It was always said that one must never bring only a single flower into a home for this act wished death and misfortune. 

There is a legend wherein this Victorian belief arises from. It tells the tragic story of two lovers and their undying love. A beautiful woman named Kema one day discovered her dead lover. 

Overcome by grief and pain, she plucked a single Milk flower stem and placed it upon his chest. While waiting for a miracle to happen, the flower instead turned into icy snowdrops. Sadly, snowdrops are really associated with emblems of death.

What is the Biblical Significance of Snowdrop Blossoms?

The figure of the Virgin Mother is associated with a multitude of floras and the Snowdrop is not an exception! The flowers are celebrated in a Christian festival known as the Candlemas feast. 

Candlemas is celebrated every year on the 2nd day of February to honor the day Mother Mary took the child Jesus to a Jewish temple to bestow an offering. The flower petals were scattered around the church and decorated on garlands as a symbol of purity. 

Aside from Candlemas, Milk flowers are also known as the Fair Maid of February. These dainty little florets were present during the day of the Virgin Mary’s purification hence the name it was given. Additionally, the blossoms are also said to be sacred to virgins and are most commonly seen blooming in old convents and monastic buildings.

What does a Snowdrop Floral Tattoo Symbolize?

Amidst the dark forewarning of Victorian beliefs, the same idea does not apply to a Snowdrop floral tattoo. Those who choose this floral design amongst other beautiful flowers want to embody hope and a new beginning. Aside from this, this floral tattoo also symbolizes rebirth.

Uses of Snowdrops

Snowdrops are more than just pretty flowers to look at! Aside from being used as an ornamental garden plant, it also has a few medical uses. Traditional medicine claims that flowers can treat headaches and be used as painkillers. 

Although in today’s modern medicine, the plant’s bulb contains a compound called Galantamine and Lectin. The compound Galantamine is a claimed memory improvement supplement and remedy for traumatic brain injuries! In current medical studies and investigations, it is going through a study as a treatment for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Other medical applications of Galantamine include its ability to enhance menstrual flower and induce abortion. Meanwhile, the compound Lectin is also being studied for its treatment effects on and benefits against HIV. A word of warning that it’s a must to always consult a medical professional before using this plant or any part of it for medical purposes. 

~ image source: depositphotos/Delight-Grafik

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