What Does Zinnia Flower Mean and Symbolise?

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The name Zinnia sounds as bright and bubbly as the candy famous sour strip candy Zazzy. This plant holds true to the idea that given the striking color display of its flowers!

Although before this amusing flower came to be, it was once a dull-eyed looking weed. With a little science and magic, it transformed into the beau it is today. Kind of like a flora version of the Cinderella story!

History of Zinnia Flower

The first mentioned accounts of the Zinnia flower date back to the 1520s during the era of the Aztecs. The plant was previously known as the crassina to the Aztecs which denotes its somewhat coarse appearance resembling weeds. Before acquiring this dazzling name, the plant was also referred to as an eye-sore or the evil eye. 

The genus Zinnia came to light in 1767 when Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus amended it from the early Aztec name. The name was applauded for German anatomist and botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn. 

It belongs to the Asteraceae or Compositae family and is related to 22 other flora species including the oh-so-popular aster, daisy, and sunflower blooms! 

In today’s assortment of hybrid Zinnias, it is amicably treasured for its marvel of all-day fresh-looking flowers bloom after bloom. 

Symbolism of Zinnia Flower

This particular flower may have more than what meets the eye when it comes to its symbolism. A few might assume gloomy ideas behind this flower because of the Aztecs. Nevertheless, the Zinnias are known today as the flowers of friendships. 

Generally denoting thoughts of missing a dear one or mourning a beloved’s absence, this blossom also symbolizes gratitude and honor.

In the State of Indiana, it is bestowed as the official state flower since 1931.

Meaning of Zinnia Flower

The plant is defined as any genus Zinnia of tropical herbs comprising low-lying shrubs with flamboyant and enduring flowers. It is native to Mexico and North America as a perennial plant but an annual type plant when cultivated elsewhere. 

The most common of all species in this genus is the Zinnia elegans or the elegant Zinnias. It signifies the lost and present company of friends. The flower also embodies the expressions of an everlasting friendship and the cherished memories made. 

What Does a Scarlet Zinnia Mean?

Scarlet is just one of the many famous shades of red. This floral color personifies faithfulness or constancy and confidence. 

What Does a Purple or Magenta Zinnia Signify?

The shade purple is commonly associated with nobility and royalty. Meanwhile, magenta is a shade of light purplish with a hint of subtle red. 

For the case of Zinnias, these colors symbolize wisdom, spirituality, and lasting affection. This idea epitomizes pondering one’s most inner thoughts and grounding for goals of higher ideals.

What Does a Pink Zinnia Symbolize?

The pink flower of this plant has a symbolism akin to that of magenta-shaded varieties. Pink blossoms denote the lasting affection between two people in romantic or friendly relations. 

What Does a White Zinnia Mean?

White is usually associated with purity and holiness. For white Zinnia blooms, white is a sign of goodness and prosperity. It can also symbolize growth and creativity.

What Does a Yellow Zinnia Represent?

Yellow flowering Zinnias are believed to convey daily remembrance of a beloved or the haunting of memories of the past. Amidst this, it commonly manifests the good or bad memories of a beloved one.

What Does an Orange Zinnia Symbolize?

An orange blossomed Zinnia delivers the traits of being outgoing, adventurous, and carefree. This color lets go of spiritual inhibitions and grants the freedom to be one’s own self.

What is the Essence of a Bouquet of Zinnias?

Handing a bouquet can imply numerous meanings. Giving Zinnia bouquets can symbolize well wishes for a friend or dear one going away or heading out for a trip. This act signifies well wishes. 

Meanwhile, a mix colored Zinnia bouquet reminisces the good old days and the past company of beloved friends or family.

What is the Cultural Art Symbolism of Zinnias?

This plant and its flowers are not only decorated in gardens but also graced in paintings and poems. During the ancient Aztecs period, the people of this tribe devoted lyric poems that praised and described an array of plants including Zinnias.

Hans Heysen, an acclaimed German-born Australian artist, portrayed the Zinnias through his work “Flower and Fruits (Zinnia)” in 1921. The artwork detailed his life and experiences as a migrant in Australia. It captures the cultural diversity of immigrant people from foreign lands that have come together to co-exist as one community. 

What Does a Zinnia Floral Tattoo Symbolize?

A tattooed flora design of this plant expresses the longing of absence for or the memories of a dearly departed. It symbolizes the desire to always remember one’s most cherished moments of a late friend of the family.

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