Abelia Companion Plants: What to Grow with This Shrub


An abelia is an elegant shrub with arching branches and long-lasting tubular flowers that will bring joy to your garden. But you may be wondering what other plants you could grow with the abelia bush. Growing carefully selected plants that work together is one way that landscapers and gardeners get the most from the space … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Abelia

abelia plant

Abelia shrubs are easy to grow, and require little maintenance. It is easy to understand why they are a popular landscaper’s choice because they provide color from both flowers and foliage over a long period, and even offer a delicate fragrance. Abelia plants flower over a long season from early summer to fall and attract … Read more

The 22 Most Beautiful Fuchsia Types To Grow

fuchsia varieties

Fuchsias (which can sometimes be misspelled as “fuschias”) are a group of over 100 species of flowering trees and shrubs that are native to Central and South America, Tahiti, and New Zealand. Today there are an estimated 3000-5000 varieties and cultivars! Fuchsia plants are classified as either hardy or tender, with tender types requiring overwintering … Read more