Hydrangea Companion Plants: What to Grow with This Shrub

hydrangea companions

Nothing shouts summer louder than the spectacular blooms of the mophead hydrangea. For so long, these hydrangea shrubs have been and still remain a gardener’s favorite.  With so many varieties and cultivars to choose from, there is definitely a hydrangea for your growing space, whether it is large or small, in shade or sun.   But … Read more

22 Best Companion Plants for Boxwoods

boxwood garden

The common boxwood is frequently grown as a shrub or cultivated as a polished hedge in ornamental gardens. This hardy plant, which is scientifically known as Buxus sempervirens, is a prime choice for many gardeners. Perfect for landscaping, for creating a shade garden, and for serving as a natural fence, Box is one of the … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Boxwoods

boxwood shrub

Boxwood, also known as box, is a genus of around 60 species. Native to parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, most species are tropical or subtropical and few are frost-tolerant. Modern cultivars and hybrids come from only 2 species, English boxwood and Japanese boxwood. This evergreen shrub is slow growing. It is grown … Read more

Hydrangea in Winter: How to Care and Winterize

hydrangea in winter

Hydrangeas are relatively easy to grow and usually require little in the way of maintenance. They are deciduous plants that are not very attractive during the winter. The old branches look woody and often dead, although they will bounce back to life in the spring.  Nevertheless, some varieties are more tender than others and if … Read more

Brown Spots Problems with Hydrangea Leaves

hydrangea leaves turning brown

In the vast majority of cases, discoloration on the leaves of your hydrangea plant will not cause any long-lasting or serious damage to your shrub. Usually, the flowers are unaffected.  However, because leaf blemish is not attractive and is also a sign that all is not well with your shrub, it is advisable to consider … Read more

Hydrangea Fertilizer: What To Feed for The Best Results

fertilizing hydrangeas

Beautiful and huge flower heads are the main reasons that gardeners around the world adore their hydrangea plants. Being relatively easy to grow and care for just makes them even more lovable.  You can encourage your hydrangeas to produce a greater abundance of flowers, and even bigger blooms so that you can enjoy their magnificent … Read more

How to Propagate Hydrangeas Successfully

propagating hydrangeas

With their spectacular and long-lasting summer color, it’s hardly surprising that the hydrangea is one of the most popular garden flowers. The most widely grown hydrangea is the mophead, which comes in either white, pink, or – in very acidic soil – blue. But there are other varieties too, each of which is worth growing … Read more

How and When to Transplant Hydrangeas

transplanting hydrangeas

Like millions of gardeners worldwide, you have decided to include a hydrangea shrub in your planting scheme. It’s hardly surprising that the hydrangea is probably the most widely grown, flowering shrub.  The flowers seem to go on forever, the magnificent blooms herald “Summer” like no other plant, and unlike many other beautiful flowers, the hydrangea … Read more

How to Deadhead Hydrangeas

deadheading hydrangeas

Everyone loves the hydrangea and thinks of the giant mophead or the more delicate but equally spectacular lacecap varieties. Gorgeous, long-lasting blooms that seem to go on and on throughout the summer. But when the blooms have faded, uncertainty abounds as to what is the correct approach to take. Which Types of Hydrangea Can You … Read more