24 Best Hosta Companion Plants That Actually Look Great

hosta companion plants

Popular as ornamental plants due to their colorful foliage, hostas (commonly known as plantain lilies and gibōshi) are great options for a shade garden.  Incredibly versatile as foundation plants, they are often cultivated by novice and experienced gardeners because of their low-maintenance needs. These shade loving perennials come in a variety of striking colors, leaf … Read more

12 Best Companion Plants for Chamomile

chamomile flowers

Chamomile tea, one of the most popular herbal concoctions for relaxation, is derived from Chamaemelum nobile. This species, which is commonly known as ‘roman chamomile’ or simply ‘chamomile’, is a low-growing perennial. It brings a wealth of benefits to the garden and can serve as a fantastic companion plant for many crops. When grown in … Read more

14 Best Companion Plants for Lamb’s Ear

lambs ear companion

Known for its fuzzy, grey-green foliage, the lamb’s ear is a fantastic perennial plant for ornamental gardens. Its dense stands may create a silver carpet of wrinkled and hairy leaves, softening the appearance of a temperate garden. Scientifically known as Stachys byzantina, this low-maintenance plant is native to West and Central Asian regions with mild … Read more

18 Types of Heather Plants You Can Grow

heather plants

Scotch Heather is a beautiful flowering shrub that is native to Europe and is often found growing wild on the Scottish moors.  Its botanical name is Calluna vulgaris and it’s the only species in the Calluna genus. Surprisingly, however, there are around 500 cultivars of this species that have been bred over the years. Gardeners … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Heather Flowers

heather flower

Heather is a delightful small woody shrub that hails from the moors of Scotland. In late summer and fall, each small bush is adorned with masses of small bell-shaped flowers.  However, in the northern hemisphere, heathers can bloom from late July right through until November. The heather flower prefers acidic soil that is well-drained but … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Cosmos Flowers

growing cosmos

Cosmos are delicate annual daisy-like flowers that brighten your yard with glorious color all summer. The gorgeous blooms are a favorite with bees and butterflies and will attract these important pollinators to your garden in early summer. Even the feathery leaves and slender stems are attractive and will add softness to your garden. Cosmos flowers … Read more