8 Best Companion Plants for Watermelon (and What To Avoid)

watermelon companions

Cultivated for their incredibly juicy fruits, watermelon plants are rewarding and fun to grow. Dedicated planters will find that fruit production is worth the time and effort, especially if they reap these fantastic summertime treats. Able to weigh several kilograms, watermelons are some of the world’s largest fruits. Due to their size and weight, it’s … Read more

16 Best Companion Plants for Thyme for An Optimal Garden

thyme companion plants

Garden thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is a perennial with small foliage and aromatic leaves. Thyme companion planting is relatively straightforward because of this herb’s tolerance for a wide range of ambient and soil conditions. Hardy and low-maintenance, thyme forms a strong taproot that can anchor fully grown stems in sloping and rocky areas of the garden. … Read more

8 Best Companion Plants for Astilbe That Look Amazing

astilbe companion plants

If your garden is in need of lush sprays of color, the flower plumes of astilbe plants should do the trick!  Members of the Saxifragaceae family of flowering herbs, astilbe species are known for their fern-like foliage, eye-catching inflorescences, and adaptations to a wide range of growth conditions. The best astilbe companion plants are shade … Read more

24 Best Hosta Companion Plants That Actually Look Great

hosta companion plants

Popular as ornamental plants due to their colorful foliage, hostas (commonly known as plantain lilies and gibōshi) are great options for a shade garden.  Incredibly versatile as foundation plants, they are often cultivated by novice and experienced gardeners because of their low-maintenance needs. These shade loving perennials come in a variety of striking colors, leaf … Read more

22 Best Companion Plants for Boxwoods

boxwood garden

The common boxwood is frequently grown as a shrub or cultivated as a polished hedge in ornamental gardens. This hardy plant, which is scientifically known as Buxus sempervirens, is a prime choice for many gardeners. Perfect for landscaping, for creating a shade garden, and for serving as a natural fence, Box is one of the … Read more

12 Best Companion Plants for Chamomile

chamomile flowers

Chamomile tea, one of the most popular herbal concoctions for relaxation, is derived from Chamaemelum nobile. This species, which is commonly known as ‘roman chamomile’ or simply ‘chamomile’, is a low-growing perennial. It brings a wealth of benefits to the garden and can serve as a fantastic companion plant for many crops. When grown in … Read more

14 Best Companion Plants for Karl Foerster Grass

karl foerster grass companion

Let’s explore some of the best landscaping Karl Foerster grass companion plants and ideas you can start implementing. Karl Foerster grass (Calamagrostis x acutiflora) is a type of feather reed grass that has won several awards as an ornamental plant. It is named for a German nurseryman who specialized in low-maintenance gardens. Set apart by … Read more

14 Best Companion Plants for Lamb’s Ear

lambs ear companion

Known for its fuzzy, grey-green foliage, the lamb’s ear is a fantastic perennial plant for ornamental gardens. Its dense stands may create a silver carpet of wrinkled and hairy leaves, softening the appearance of a temperate garden. Scientifically known as Stachys byzantina, this low-maintenance plant is native to West and Central Asian regions with mild … Read more

10 Best Types and Varieties of Pig’s Ear Succulent to Grow

cotyledon orbiculata succulent

The pig’s ear succulent, scientifically known as Cotyledon orbiculata, is a remarkably fleshy succulent. This species is distinguished by its relatively large leaves, which have rounded margins that may flush red in optimal conditions. The leaves themselves are glossy and are usually bright green, though their finer features differ according to cultivar.  Native to South … Read more