How to Grow and Care for Camellias

camellia care

There’s no doubt that camellias brighten up the winter garden with their colorful big blooms. When everything else looks a little dull and dreary, these gorgeous plants burst into color and delight us with their exquisite flowers. In fact, their bloom time can range from late fall to early and mid-spring depending on the specific … Read more

10 Best Types and Varieties of Pig’s Ear Succulent to Grow

cotyledon orbiculata succulent

The pig’s ear succulent, scientifically known as Cotyledon orbiculata, is a remarkably fleshy succulent. This species is distinguished by its relatively large leaves, which have rounded margins that may flush red in optimal conditions. The leaves themselves are glossy and are usually bright green, though their finer features differ according to cultivar.  Native to South … Read more

15 Types Of Flowering Cactus With Red Flowers

red cactus flower

The entire cactus family contains around 1500 different species. Many of these species are flowering cacti but only some of them have red flowers.  It’s also interesting to note that some of these red-flowering cacti are either cultivars, subspecies, or variants of the original species. Nevertheless, in our quest to bring you the best red … Read more