Top 20 Aeonium Types You Can Grow

aeonium varieties

Aeoniums are popular succulents that many people love to grow for their perfect rosette shape. They can range in size from small varieties that are ideal for growing in pots, even indoors, to large plants that are suitable for use in an outdoor landscape. Aeoniums are monocarpic which means that the plant will die after … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Agave Plant (Agave spp.)

agave plant

Agaves are spectacular landscape plants that require very little maintenance and are easy to grow. They have succulent leaves that are often large and form a beautiful rosette. Many people also like to grow Agaves in pots because of their striking appearance and low maintenance requirements. Some species of Agave can have leaves that measure … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Aeoniums (Aeonium spp.)


Aeoniums (Aeonium spp.) are a small group of succulents that are easy to grow, drought-hardy, and quite cold tolerant. They make ideal houseplants as they require a minimal amount of care and maintenance. The most interesting feature of Aeoniums is the almost symmetrical positioning of their fleshy leaves to make perfect rosettes. They range in … Read more