How To Propagate Cactus Plants

cactus propagation

Just like other succulent species, cactus plants are fairly easy to propagate in a variety of different ways. This allows enthusiastic cactus growers to increase their collection and is also helpful in protecting some species that may be in danger of decline in their natural habitat. We’re going to look at different cactus propagation methods … Read more

Cactus Fertilizer and Food: A Complete Guide

cactus fertilizer

It’s a common misconception that because cacti are desert plants and have adapted to survive in some of the harshest conditions, they don’t need to be fertilized.  However, when growing cactus plants at home, in a more controlled environment, it’s highly recommended that you give your plants some fertilizer to encourage them to grow and … Read more

How To Water Cactus Plants

water cactus

Cactus plants are some of the most popular houseplants around the world thanks to their low maintenance requirements. In fact, many cacti tend to thrive on neglect and this is something that must be kept in mind when it comes to watering your plants. Cacti originate from dry, desert regions where they’ve learned to adapt … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Cactus Plants

cactus care

Cactus plants come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and are surprisingly easy to care for. This makes the smaller varieties ideal as houseplants, especially for beginners and people who don’t have a lot of spare time to tend to their plants. There are two distinct groups of cacti, those that originate in … Read more

How to Propagate Succulents: 4 Effective Methods

propagating succulents

Succulents are such easy plants to grow and more and more people have discovered the pleasure of growing succulents at home. Succulent lovers are decorating their homes with them, keeping them on their desk at work, or filling beautifully landscaped rock gardens with a variety of different succulents. Most succulents grow outdoors quite successfully in … Read more