21 Types of Small Cactus Plants

small cactus plants

If you’re new to cactus growing, you might like to consider starting with a few of these small or mini cactus plants. These are ideal for growing in small pots on a bright windowsill. Or, if your desk gets plenty of bright light, these would look great grouped together to add a little sunshine to … Read more

20 Types of Tall Cactus Plants

tall cactus

Sometimes, when you want to make a statement, a tall-growing cactus is the perfect solution. Whether you’re looking for an indoor focal point or you want to create a dramatic outdoor landscape, there are many tall cactus varieties that you could consider. For desert gardens, a grouping of tall cacti against a blank wall looks … Read more

How To Propagate Cactus Plants

cactus propagation

Just like other succulent species, cactus plants are fairly easy to propagate in a variety of different ways. This allows enthusiastic cactus growers to increase their collection and is also helpful in protecting some species that may be in danger of decline in their natural habitat. We’re going to look at different cactus propagation methods … Read more