32 Most Beautiful Daffodil Types and Varieties To Grow In Your Garden

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Daffodils are one of the most popular spring bulbs! They belong to the genus Narcissus and there are around 50 species. Daffodils are divided into 13 groups botanically, but the most popular garden varieties are N. pseudonarcissus, N. jonquilla, and N. poeticus, and their hybrids. 

The genus name Narcissus comes from Greek Mythology where a boy named Narcissus was so obsessed with his own beauty that the Greek Gods turned him into a flower. They are mostly native to Europe and their early blooming time has become synonymous with the arrival of spring! 

Plant daffodils in the garden either in beds or containers. They grow well in full sun to partial shade, making them perfect for growing along sunny borders or under trees. Daffodil bulbs need a warm-cool-warm cycle to flower, and under the right conditions, they can be left growing in the garden for years. 

Top Daffodil Varieties You Should Know About

Here are our favorite types of daffodils you can start growing:

#1 Narcissus bulbocodium

The hoop petticoat daffodil is one of the most unique daffodils available! It is a dwarf variety reaching heights of only 6 inches when mature. It has dark green slender leaves and bright yellow flowers. Its blooms have large bell-like trumpets with narrow outer leaves. True to its common name, the hoop petticoat daffodil resembles a hoop petticoat!

#2 Narcissus cyclamineus

Also called the cyclamen-flowered daffodil, this flower grows just under 8 inches tall and has rich green leaves and contrasting yellow flowers. It has reflexed outer petals and slender trumpets. Its blooms are nodding, with a single flower per stem. Grow cyclamen-flowered daffodils in informal and city gardens for a bright splash of color. 

#3 N. cyclamineus Reggae

Reggae is a popular daffodil bulb that has pretty bi-colored flower heads. It looks sensational planted in large drifts and it does well in partial shade, making it perfect under trees! It reaches heights of up to 12 inches when mature, producing solitary flowers. Reggae’s creamy-white outer petals curve back slightly and its trumpet is an attractive orange pink. 

#4 Narcissus jonquilla

Narcissus jonquilla, also known as common jonquil or lily of the Mary, is a hugely popular daffodil variety with small, delicate flowers. It grows 12 inches high and blooms in late springs, with clusters of small-cupped, 1-inch flowers. These blooms are sweetly scented and deep yellow. 

#5 N. jonquilla “Derringer”

Derringer is a wonderfully sunny plant that would add a much-needed splash of color into spring gardens! This daffodil variety produces between 2 and 3 slightly nodding flowers in mid-spring. These blooms are slightly scented, 2.7 inches wide, and have pale yellow outer petals and golden orange cups. 

#6 N. jonquilla “Pipit”

Pipit is a lovely jonquil daffodil variety that grows as tall as 10 inches. Each stem produces up to four flowers that emerge as a uniform lemon yellow before their cups fade to white. This variety is wonderfully planted en masse along beds and borders in cottage-style and informal gardens. It is also a top choice for containers, looking sensational when planted alongside other spring bulbs!

#7 N. jonquilla “Sun Disc”

This beautiful plant is a top choice for cottage-style gardens. Its delicate blooms have rounded cream outer petals and an inner, lightly ruffled, yellow cup. Sun Disc is a dwarf daffodil that only grows 6 inches tall with up to 3 flowers per stem. Plant it in containers or along the front or borders! 

#8 Narcissus papyraceus

Paperwhite, also known as Narcissus papyraceus is a beautiful daffodil bulb that grows as tall as 14 inches. It begins blooming in late winter to early spring, producing fragrant clusters of flowers. Paperwhite’s blooms are pure white with an open face and a cup-shaped corona. These daffodils are stunning in patios and containers but are equally as lovely in cottage-style garden borders. 

#9 Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus

Also called Old Pheasant’s Eye, this beautiful daffodil is a great choice for coastal, cottage-style, and courtyard gardens. It has delicate yet striking flowers that are 1.5 inches wide and very fragrant. Its pure white, outer petals are slightly curved back and its small yellow central cups are yellow-green with red rims. 

#10 Narcissus tazetta “Geranium”

Geranium is a bunch-flowered daffodil variety. It produces pretty clusters of up to 6 fragrant flowers. Its blooms are 2 inches wide with pure outer petals and vivid orange-red cups. Plant Geranium in container gardens, patios, and city gardens! 

#11 Narcissus triandrus

N. triandus, also known as Angel’s Tears, is a dwarf daffodil bulb. It has slender dark green leaves and pale yellow flowers. These blooms are between 2 and 2.3 inches wide, have reflexed outer petals, and are gently nodding. Angel’s Tears grow as tall as 12 inches and produce up to 6 flowers per stem. 

#12 Actaea

Actaea is a delicate little daffodil flower. It grows just under 18 inches tall and has narrow strap-shaped leaves. Blooming in late spring, its beautiful flowers grow 3 inches wide, with large pure white outer petals and small inner trumpets. These trumpets are cup-shaped, yellow, and have frilled red edges. 

#13 Altruist

Altruist is a small-cupped daffodil with distinctively bright flowers! It grows as tall as 18 inches and blooms during April. It has overlapping apricot yellow petals and a vivid orange-red cup. It looks wonderful as part of a mixed cut flower display and looks lovely planted along sunny borders. 

#14 Barrett Browning

Barrett Browning is a small-cupped daffodil that was introduced in 1945. It has large flowers that grow as wide as 4 inches, with pure white, overlapping outer petals and a small inner cup. This cup has bright orange, ruffled petals that contrast nicely with its outer petals. Plant Barrett Browning in large drifts for the most impact. 

#15 British Gamble

British Gamble is a wonderful gigantic flowering daffodil that grows as tall as 17 inches. It produces a single flower per stem and is classified as a trumpet daffodil. Its outer petals are a soft white and its inner trumpet is soft yellow with a ruffled apricot edge. This daffodil variety is lovely in large containers planted alongside soft pink and white tulips. 

#16 Canaliculatus

This daffodil flower is perfect for courtyard gardens, containers, and for borders. It produces delightful clusters of up to seven flowers per stem! These blooms emerge over spring and are sweetly scented. Their outer petals are creamy-white and bent slightly backward, and their inner petals are a golden yellow bowl shape with a smooth rim. 

#17 Delnashaugh

Dalnashaugh is a beautiful double daffodil plant. It has eye-catching 4-inch flowers with highly ruffled centers. Almost resembling a peony, these daffodil bulbs are the perfect choice for cottage-style beds and borders, containers, or underplanted around shrubs. They will grow between 16-18 inches tall and have creamy-white outer petals and centers densely packed with ruffled apricot petals. 

#18 Delibes

Delibes is sure to bring a pop of color into any outdoor space. It has bright yellow-orange outer petals and vivid orange trumpets. It grows well in both full sun and partial shade, making it an excellent choice for borders! This daffodil has a mature height of 16 inches and flowers from March to April. 

#19 Golden Ducat

Golden Ducat is a cheery daffodil flower perfect for adding a bright pop of yellow to spring gardens! It has unusual double flowers with pointer inner and outer petals. This variety looks wonderful when planted en masse or planted alongside tulips and forget-me-nots. It reaches a mature height of just under 14 inches. 

#20 Ice King

This daffodil looks fantastic planted en masse along borders or planted under deciduous trees. It looks closer to a carnation than a daffodil, with tightly packed, densely ruffled inner petals. Ice King’s flowers are a cheery lemon yellow, and are a wonderful choice for bouquets alongside white tulips! 

#21 New Baby

New Baby is a top choice for container gardens or rockeries! It only grows as tall as 8 inches, with flowers that are equally as small. Its dainty blooms have buttercup yellow trumpets and creamy yellow outer petals. 

#22 Orangery

This split-cupped daffodil resembles a daylily. It is an easy-to-grow variety with white outer petals and bright yellow-orange inner petals. Orangery’s flowers are extremely showy and highly scented making them a great choice for cut flower displays. 

#23 Petit Four 

This delightful daffodil has unique double flowers! It has a clump-forming habit, reaching up to 16 inches tall. Its outer petals are pure white and its inner frilled petals are an attractive mix of peach and white. It blooms from mid-spring and looks lovely paired with pale pink tulips or hyacinths. 

#24 Pink Parasol

Pink Parasol is a top choice for cottage-style and informal gardens. Plant it alongside borders or in beds alongside other spring bulbs. It is a trumpet variety that grows as tall as 16 inches. Its outer petals are creamy-white and its inner trumpet is pale peach to peach colored with frilly edges. 

#25 Pink Wonder

This unique split-cup daffodil is a must-have for patio gardens! It has overlapping white and ruffled peach petals and a ruffled peach inner trumpet. Pink Wonder flowers from April to May, reaching just under 16 inches when mature. 

#26 Prototype

Prototype is a top choice for spring gardens. Its sunny blooms have curved back outer petals and small trumpets. Flowers are 3 inches wide with pale yellow outer petals and rose-pink trumpets. This daffodil grows just under 10 inches tall and is a good candidate for the front of coastal or cottage-style borders. 

#27 Red Devon 

Red Devon is a superb daffodil flower for adding bright color to the garden! It is a great choice for patio and container gardens and makes a lovely cut flower. It stands 20 inches high and has sunshine yellow outer petals and a deep orange trumpet with frilled edges. 

#28 Rip Van Winkle

Rip Van Winkle is a truly unique daffodil flower. It looks like a cactus dahlia, with densely packed, narrow, sunshine yellow petals. It’s a dwarf variety, only growing as tall as 8 inches, making it ideal for window boxes or for the front of borders. 

#29 Sir Winston Churchill

This stunning daffodil plant grows as tall as 16 inches. It is a spring bloomer, producing clusters of delightfully fragrant, double flowers. These blooms are rich, creamy-white with splashes of orange. Winston Churchill is a wonderful addition to cottage-style gardens and makes a good choice for underplanting rose bushes and shrubs. 

#30 Tahiti

Tahiti has brilliant double flowers that grow up to 4 inches across. Its blooms are sunshine yellow with densely packed inner petals. Reaching heights of 18 inches, these daffodils are wonderfully low-maintenance plants. Plant them in wildflower, city, or patio gardens. 

#31 Valdrome

Valdrome is a striking daffodil flower that will demand attention in any garden. It resembles a daylily more than a daffodil! It has a split-cupped collar giving it a ruffled open cup, rather than a typical daffodil trumpet shape. Valdrome’s outer petals are soft white and its inner petals are a buttery mellow yellow shade. 

#32 Vanilla Peach

This clump-forming daffodil has gray-green leaves and scented blooms. It blooms over mid-spring growing to heights of just under 18 inches. Vanilla Peach’s flowers grow 3.7 inches wide and have creamy outer petals and split, peach-colored, ruffled coronas. 



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