What Does Hibiscus Flower Mean and Symbolise?

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Did you know that the Hibiscus is one of the top ten floral names of the world? You might have seen this amazing flower in a lot of Hawaiian-themed movies. In fact, it is the very flower placed on Lilo’s hair in the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch! It is called the Hibiscus and it comes in several colors and beautifully associated meanings and symbols!

History of Hibiscus Flowers

The Hibiscus first came to mention in 1706 and was cultivated for its dazzling and showy bell-shaped flowers. The plant is native to warm-temperate and tropical regions growing as either shrubs or herbs. It originates from the Hibiscus genus of the Malvaceae family. The genus is derived from the Greek and Latin word hibiskos meaning marshmallow.

The first known origins of the Hibiscus include Madagascar, Fiji, and India. With this, other astonishing names for this flora include rose mallow and flower-of-an-hour because its beauty can only be admired for a short period during a warm and sunny day!

yellow hibiscus flower

Symbolism of Hibiscus Blossoms

Rose mallow floras are symbolic of one’s physical passion, delicate beauty, honor, and prosperity. In the Pacific Islands of Hawaii, Malaysia, and South Korea, it is honored as these countries’ national flower. For Malaysia and Hawaii, the state flower is the Queen of tropical flowers Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and in Korea the rose of Sharon Hibiscus syriacus. 

Other symbols associated with rose mallows include self-independence, passion, and romance. It is also said that bestowing such blossoms suggests seizing the moment or opportunity to shine. 

Meaning of Hibiscus Blooms

Rose mallow flowers include a very diverse collection of symbolic and spiritual meanings. These flowers are popularly known to signify beauty, honor, good luck, and love. In the language of flowers, it actually holds a lot more meaning than what meets the eye. 

What does a White Hibiscus Flower Mean?

A white rose mallow flower beholds the meaning of beginnings of a new life, guidance, and divination. It is attributed to the daily journey of life on earth. 

red hibiscus flower

What does a Red Hibiscus Blossom Symbolize?

Love and lust are associated with red rose mallow flowers. Given this famous shade, it is also symbolic of good luck and fortune. 

What does a Yellow Hibiscus Floret Represent?

A yellow Hibiscus blossom embodies the happiness and joy of a warm and bright day! 

What does an Orange Hibiscus Bloom Indicate?

Orange rose mallow flowers imply the rarity and uniqueness of each and every individual. Just as each flower is one of a kind, so are you!

What does a Pink Hibiscus Flower Signify?

Pink signifies the softness of women. With pink rose mallows, it signifies the beauty and delicacy of women. Surprisingly, it also denotes the keen attitude and ambition women portray.

What does a Purple Hibiscus Floret Imply?

A purple Hibiscus flower indicates loyalty and peace in the garden or area it prospers. It is also the embodiment of the harmony and balance of the environment. 

What are the Beliefs Accustomed with Hibiscus Flowers?

If you haven’t read it yet, these flowers symbolize love and lust. It was believed that creating a tonic from the flower’s petals will grant good fortune and love for those who drink it. It was also said that the flower worn by women shows their genuine interest. 

In some customs, the flowers are adorned with marital wreaths and decorated during ceremonies to symbolize the couple’s eternal love and devotion to each other.

What is the Cultural Significance of Hibiscus Blossoms?

As tradition practiced in Hawaii, locals craft a necklace garland made of rose mallow blossoms and are bestowed upon state authorities as a sign of a hearty and friendly welcome.

What does a Hibiscus Floral Tattoo Symbolize?

A rose mallow tattoo symbolizes the delicate beauty and happiness of most women who choose this design. It also signifies friendliness and happiness.

Uses of Hibiscuses

In the Chinese and Indian cultures, the flower’s petals are used as dyes for facial makeup specifically for the eyebrows and hair. Meanwhile, in the Malaya and Indonesian regions, the petals are used as a shoe dye. 

In Malaysia, rose mallow flowers are made into a juice drink that is used as a treatment for an array of illnesses such as bronchitis and hypertension. Similar practices are used in Ramadan wherein the flower is mixed with dates and miswak to create the traditional beverage rich in vitamin C.

Meanwhile, its leaves pose a medicinal value when used as a treatment for boils and sores or poultices for headaches and inflammations. The roots made into a decoction also provided relief for a few ailments such as fever and sore eyes. A word of warning that it’s a must to always consult a medical professional before using this plant or any part of it for medical purposes. 

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~ image source: depositphotos/dovapi

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