What Does Lily of the Valley Flower Mean and Symbolise?

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Lilies of the Valley are a sight sure to behold during May! Behind its beautiful floral petals hold a meaning and symbolism sure to capture any reader’s heart! It is a sure thing to say that these blossoms are like no other in the vast valleys of garden flowers.

History of Lily of the Valley Flowers

The floral name Lily of the Valley was first used in 1563 to describe a perennial herb and an ornamental bell-shaped fragrant flower. It is scientifically known as Convallaria majalis and is native to Eurasia and North America. 

The flower belongs to the Convallaria genus of the asparagus or Asparagaceae family. The Latin genus Convollaria is derived from the word convallis meaning deep valley. The species majalis from the word maius means May. Historically, these flowers are dubbed as blossoms blooming in deep valleys during May!

Other names associated with this flower are known as Mary’s tears and the May lily.

Symbolism of Lily of the Valley Blossoms

May lilies are actually a symbolic flower for May and the zodiac sign Gemini! They are gifted to friends and family every 1st day of May to symbolize good luck. The flowers are also adored as the national flower of Finland. For Finnish folk, the flowers symbolize the reassurance returning happiness and better times are en route!

Meaning of Lily of the Valley Florets

May lilies are known as floral beacons for the return of happiness and sincere friendship. Amidst this, they are also beautiful flowers blooming vastly in a wide valley of nature. Symbolic meanings of the flower include spiritual healing, mental clarity, and positive life perspectives. 

What does a White Lily of the Valley Flower Mean?

A white May lily flower embodies one’s chastity and purity may it be in mind, body, or spirit. It is symbolic of the image of the Virgin Mary as being untainted and divine. Christ’s rebirth is also displayed by these flowers.

What does a Blue May Lily Blossom Symbolize?

Good luck and good decision-making are symbolized by blue May lilies. This floral color offers guidance and wisdom to those who adore it.

What does a Pink Lily of the Valley Floret Represent?

Pink May lilies represent one’s happiness and sweetness. It is also symbolic of feminine beauty and strength. 

What does a Purple May Lily Bloom Indicate?

Humility and fertility are associated with purple May lilies. It represents one’s good and pure intentions from the mind and heart. 

What is the Biblical Meaning Behind Mary’s Tears Flower?

The flower’s other associated name Mary’s tears have a biblical story to tell, but before Mary, pagan beliefs say that the flower was dedicated to Ostara, the Norse goddess of day and light. This was a symbol of purity for both the goddess and Mary.

Upon Christ’s death, the tears Mary shed bloomed into the flowers that came to be. This is symbolic of the Advent or second coming of Christ. The flowers are also symbolic of the tears of Eve when banned from Eden and Jacob mourning over Rachel and Joseph. For tales of the Church, the flower was said to have come from the blood spilled by Saint Leonardo during his victorious battle against a devil. 

What is the Cultural Significance of a May Lily Blossom?

Several cultures believe in the mysteries the May lilies hold. In Europe, the sight of these flowers prompts images of the heavens and brighter futures ahead. The folk also believe that these blossoms protect the garden from evil spirits and witch spells! 

Meanwhile, in Germany and Scandinavia, the May lily is a herald of springtime and symbolizes good luck. They say that it is a bad omen to bestow these flowers to the living and should only be used in graves to honor the dead.

A vastly different belief is known by the French. According to French folk, the flowers are a symbol of a man who flaunts his refined lifestyle and taste.

What are the Mythologies Associated with a May Lily Flower?

In some Greek mythologies, the May lilies are associated with Maia, the daughter of the marine creature Atlas. Meanwhile in Roman mythology, the flowers were bestowed upon the God Mercury which symbolized the new light of Spring. It was said that offering three branches of this flower symbolizes friendship and hope.

What does a May Lily Floral Tattoo Symbolize?

A choice of a May lily flower tattoo design beholds the sincerity and happiness of the individual. It also bears one’s discretion and cares before speaking or acting out.

Uses of Lily of the Valley Blooms

The May lilies are mostly favored as an ornamental garden plant or cut flower in vases or bouquets. It is commonly used as a ground cover plant. Although did you know that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton had these flowers adorned on her wedding bouquet? It’s currently a new trendy flower to add to bridal bouquets and weddings! Famous fashion designer Christian Dior also adorned these flowers in runway collection in the 50s! It is also popular in floristry as a perfume scent or fragrance.

Aside from this, these blossoms also have a few medicinal benefits. Claims of drying the flowers or roots can be used as a diuretic and heart tonic that can lower blood pressure or strengthen the heart. A word of warning that it’s a must to always consult a medical professional before using this plant or any part of it for medical purposes.

~ image source: depositphotos/ekina1

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