Fascinating Delphinium (Larkspur) Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses

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The Delphiniums are one of those flowers that will brighten up any dull day with their magnificent colors. It appears as delicate spikes of blossoms admired during hot summer days. If you haven’t heard about these yet, delphiniums make a great garden flower and the perfect gift to a friend or loved one.

Delphinium meanings are taken from its rich history or floral colors. The flowers come in various beautiful colors each with its own flower meanings. Although the meaning and symbolism of each color varies, it is still quite special.

For example, a blue and red delphinium each means peace and love. Meanwhile, a pink and purple delphinium symbolizes fickleness and ambitiousness. A white delphinium represents protection. 

History of Delphinium Flowers

The Delphinium was first mentioned in 1664 as an exquisite ornamental garden decor or cut flower. The name delphinium comes from the Greek word delphinion, a Greek word for lark’s spur or a bird’s claw, or delphis which is a Greek word for dolphin. The floral name takes after how its closed flower buds in dense clumps resemble a dolphin leaping out at sea.

Delphiniums are plants with tall flowering spikes originating from the buttercup family or Ranunculaceae family. This meadow flower is native to the northern hemisphere. These places include northern or central parts of Asia and in some European regions.

Since it is a beautiful flower that has tall varieties, it requires to be hand pollinated and grown in areas with direct sunlight, well drained soil, and dry weather. These flowers only have a single bloom per stem and can be enjoyed during the early and late summer. During early summer, the buds begin to awake when the brighter side of the sun starts to show.

Delphiniums are magnificent meadow flowers also known as the Knight’s spur. In fact, some species of delphinium belong to the belladonna group and elatum group or elate group of flowers. For example, popular Pacific hybrids such as the Pacific giants is one of the recent flowers mentioned in latest posts about heirloom varieties. Another type of delphinium is known as the common rocket larkspur (Delphinium ajacis). It is a flower known to symbolize knights and their bravery.

Symbolism of Delphinium Blossoms

Delphiniums are known as the official birth flower of July and is a great flower to give to July birthday celebrants. It is done to express goodwill and good fortune for the celebrant. Also, because of its shape, the delphinium symbolism is about guarding against evil spirits and negative energy or negative things. 

The symbolism of the delphinium can also be about new life and the openness to new opportunities or side of life. It represents positive communication and pleasant interactions as well as new experiences.

pink and purple delphiniums

Meaning of Delphinium Blooms

Several delphinium flower meanings are embodied by the shape it resembles and the history it holds. In the language of flowers, the delphinium meaning is all about heavenly feelings, levity, and ardent attachment. Its etymological meaning has something deeper to do with its darker and lighter shades of color. 

In a romantic sense, a delphinium means new feelings or emotions. It can also mean being fun, playful, and open-hearted and maybe sometimes it can also mean one’s fidelity! These meanings may be best associated with friends starting out. Some say that if you give a friend a delphinium before the job interview, he/she will have good vibes and an uplifted attitude. 

Below is the list of specific meanings behind each delphinium flower color.

What does a Red Delphinium Flower Mean?

Ardent and pure love is what red Delphinium flowers stand for. It embodies the burning passion and desire within the heart and soul. 

What does a Blue Delphinium Flower Symbolize?

The blue color of delphiniums is the most common color of this flower. It has a darker and lighter side of shades. Dark and light shades of blue each have their own specific meaning. A deep blue color represent lost loved ones while a light blue one symbolize youth. 

Blue delphiniums also have a symbolic meaning and feeling of peace, security, and order. It is a symbolism of dignity and grace.

What does a Pink Delphinium Floret Indicate?

Pink Delphiniums embody the attributes of fickleness, feelings of a light heart, and the constant phases of change. It sends the message that each and every day is a new start.

What does a Purple Delphinium Bloom Represent?

The color purple symbolizes royalty and nobility. For purple delphiniums, it manifests a big heart and one’s first true love. These purple flowers are also a representation of one being ambitious and haughty.

What does a White Delphinium Flower Symbolize?

These white flowers represent protection and good health. White delphiniums are often also called a protective plant by other cultures. It offers the senses of swiftness and lightness.

What is the Spiritual Significance of Delphinium Flowers?

A delphinium plant has a spiritual important to its flower. It is said that these flowers can help in retaining one’s focus to complete assigned tasks or errands. The blossoms act as a display reminder to not be forgetful and easily distracted for most adults and children!  

What are the Mythologies Associated with Delphinium Blossoms?

Many ancient cultures have believed in the cultural significance flower. The first to believe in the power of the Delphiniums are the sea pirates! Since its name means dolphin, pirates have always associated the flower with friendliness and being playful. It is also a sign of protection and guidance because of how it leaps out in the sea.

According to a Greek mythology told by the ancient Greeks, delphiniums are flowers of despair and mourning. This is because the flowers are associated with the almost Greek god Ajax and his tragic death during the Trojan war. 

The blood that spilled during his death was were the flowers bloomed. These beautiful flowers were the red delphiniums. If you peek closer to the flowers,  the initials AIA can be seen on the petals which are his initials. 

What does a Delphinium Flower Tattoo Symbolize?

A Larkspur preference of tattoo design is commonly chosen by those who have a pure heart. It symbolizes one’s sweet disposition and the genuine desire for a good laugh!

Uses of Delphiniums

Delphiniums have long been used as an ornamental and medicinal plant since the medieval times. It is in fact the only naturally occurring blue fresh flowers known today. It is the perfect flower to arrange in beautiful decorations along with other blooms during special occasions. 

The flowers are often used by native Americans and European settlers as blue dyes. Aside from this, people used the blue petals mixed with alum to create the necessary pigments. 

Meanwhile, the Larkspurs also function as a treatment for some common ailments. Delphinium extracts are known to treat scorpion stings, repel parasites such as lice, and draw out internal parasites such as intestinal worms.

The flowers themselves and their seeds are known diuretics that have a pungent taste and odor. The leaf can also be juiced and used to treat hemorrhoids. 

The Cherokee folk also have a great use for the seeds! An infusion can be made from the seeds and is used to treat many ailments. Be cautious because ingesting these can also lead to a slow heart rate, poor appetite, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, and even skin irritation.

A word of warning that it’s a must to always consult a medical professional before using this plant or any part of it for medical purposes.

~ image source: depositphotos/Far700

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