Petunia Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses You Should Know

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As hot as a chili and as addicting as a tobacco, these flowers are a must in your garden! A Petunia flower is what you would least expect it to be. It is often seen as a distant relative to three very famous agricultural crops which includes tomatoes, chili peppers, and tobacco.

What do these four have in common? Aside from belonging to the same deadly nightshade family, these four plants have a very distinct floral resemblance to one another except one of these is mostly used as ornamental plants!

The Petunias are beautiful flowers that have a special flower meaning and symbolism. The flowers are used as an ornamental in special occasions or in fresh culinary dishes or meals. It comes in various colors with each flower color meaning something unique. 

Petunias of pink or purple color means a young love and regality. Meanwhile, a red and a blue one represents passion and trust. Lastly, a yellow, white, and black Petunia each symbolizes happiness, peace, and negative energy. So, the next time you see a black Petunia, beware or you can simply choose other flowers to give to a friend!

History of Petunia Flowers

The Petunias are truly a remarkable flower made beautiful through science and hybridization. Before becoming the flower that is known today, Petunias were first introduced to Europe by early Spanish explorers in the 1800s as weed-like plants with large flowers or smaller flowers not as spectacular as you would expect. 

These flowers were first named by French botanist Antoine Laurent de Jussieu 1825 as an annual herb or tender perennial with fragrant and colorful trumpet-shaped, hardy flowers. It belongs to the genus Petunia of the nightshade or Solanaceae family. The hardy flower consists of a little over 35 species that are mostly native and generally grown in South America.

The etymological meaning of the genus derives from the French word petun, a Brazilian Tupian Indian named by the Tupi Guarani Indians. The word loosely translates to the worthless tobacco plant because this type of tobacco does not make a good smoke and has a close resemblance to the plant. 

Petunia blooms have unique botanical characteristics and a growth habit. Hybrids today have a contrasting throat color that may be lighter or darker in shade than the petal color and a sweet fragrance. It grows quickly similar to a weed and can thrive through summer months or hard frost seasons. Additionally, petunias depend on frequent liquid fertilizer and a balanced watering schedule to grow. 

The common flower name petunia can also go by another name such as Worthless tobacco plants. Some popular petunia varieties include the common Garden petunia (Petunia x. atkinsiana), Brazilian Red petunia (Petunia exserta), Purple petunia (Petunia integrifolia), Milliflora petunias, and the Grandiflora petunias. Interestingly, the latest posts in science today say that hybrids of petunia are self-cleaning, meaning its dried flowers are blown away from the plant for new flowers to develop and grow quickly.

blue petunias

Symbolism of Petunia Blossoms

The petunia flower symbolism today dates back to the Victorian era. It has quite whimsical connotations and quite a negative symbolism during that time. The petunia flower symbolize the late Queen Victoria’s abrupt outbursts of anger and irritation. 

Feelings of disdain and disappointment are also associated with these flowers so it isn’t an ideal gift for friends or family. Although these flowers do have a contradictory symbolism to it. A flower symbolism of the petunia can also include calmness, peace, and a love equalling excellence.

It is also worth noting in this beautiful flower that it can represent a new relationship and feeling comfortable in that newfound bond. 

Meaning of Petunia Flowers

The several meanings behind a petunia depends mostly on the relationship between the giver and the recipient. Its multiple meanings can also stem from human emotions and what each color means. Therefore, its meaning depends on a whole ray of things!

The petunia flower symbolizes anger and resentment probably because of how delicate and sensitive its flowers are to the cold weather and to the touch! Meanwhile, a petunia flower meaning can serve as two very important reminders – it doesn’t always mean resentment and anger.

The first meaning of the petunia is to remind you to never give up or give in to despair or sulk whenever life gets tough. The second meaning is all about remembering to keep your promise or your word. 

One thing’s for sure, dramatic petunias give either giving a wrong message or positive meanings. It’s been known to represent anger resentment because of Queen Victoria but it has a whole lot of different meanings depending on the petunia flower color.

What does a White Petunia Flower Mean?

The large white Petunias give the meaning of one’s state of calmness and peace. These white flowers are famously used in religious ceremonies. It embodies the solemnity and tranquility of the mind and body.

What does a Pink Petunia Blossom Symbolize?

Beauty and attractiveness are symbolized by pink Petunias with dainty petals. The sweet love of a young couple is also symbolic to these flowers. It is also the perfect color of flower to symbolize motherly love and radiating feminine energy.

What does a Purple Petunia Floret Indicate?

Amidst the short temper of Queen Victoria, purple Petunias define regality and loyalty. A purple petunia flower embodies a high social status in life and discipline in action. The color purple can also represent grace.

What does a Yellow Petunia Bloom Represent?

Appearing as a hazy version of the brightness of the sun, yellow Petunias represent happiness and a good sense of humor. A yellow petunia flower beams with glee and joy just like a fine sunny day!

These flowers can also represent deep respect towards a close friend and a special person. You can choose to give these flowers to new neighbors and close friends to show your joy for them.

What does a Red Petunia Flower Mean?

Red is a passionate color full of emotions and meanings. In the language of flowers, red petunias symbolize anger and love at the same time. It can also convey the meaning of a deep love or a passionate love towards a loved one.

What does a Blue Petunia Flower Symbolize?

The color blue is a rare floral color but thanks to science, the world today has blue petunias. A blue petunia flower is a symbol of trust between two or more people that runs deep in the bond. This deep trust can last a lifetime!

What does a Black Petunia Blossom Represent?

An even more rare flower color than the blue one, a black petunia flower is truly amazing. Black petunias are known to represent an disagreeable person and negative energy.

What is the Cultural Significance of a Petunia Flower?

Many modern and ancient cultures have celebrated the importance of these flowers. Some of these many cultures have included the flowers in springtime celebrations. The Petunia Capital in the United States is found at the heart Dixon city, Illinois. A festival celebrating the Petunias is held annually wherein streets are filled with the colored flowers. 

Meanwhile, the Mayan people and Inca empire have different beliefs about these flowers. They made magical beverages from the flower buds for good health and used the flowers’ scent to ward off evil spirits. Many cultures believed the flowers were used in Shamanism to promote an altered state of visual perception.

During the Victorian times, many Victorian weddings used petunias as decoration and great gifts for the event to symbolize good company or suitable company. It can also be used in modern wedding ceremonies today as well other religious movements and housewarming parties.

What is the Spiritual Influence of a Petunia Blossom?

Believe it or not but these flowers hold a spiritual sense and have divine forces to them! Although dubbed as symbols of anger and irritability thanks to Queen Victoria, these blossoms provide spiritual concentration and synchronization. It harmonizes and unites the energy between the mind and body creating an overall peaceful energy. Doing this will also calm the mind from negative emotions and coordinate it with the heart and body.

What is the Folklore Associated with Petunias?

There is a certain legend that goes on to tell about the scent of these flowers. It was believed that the alluring scent of Petunias is released at night by the souls of forlorn lovers. This legend is the reason why newlyweds are told to grow these blooms!

An old granny’s tale believes that newlywed couples must grow these flowers for magical assistance. This assistance from the blooms will guide the couple in creating their foundation for home and family. If the tales do say to be true, then you wouldn’t want to end up like the forlorn lovers!

What does a Petunia Flower Tattoo Symbolize?

Choosing a Petunia flower as a tattoo design may raise a few eyebrows given its symbolic meaning. Petunia tattoos send a message of being bitter and angry, but at the same time, a strong desire to embody calmness and peace. A petunia tattoo can also symbolize one wanting to spend time with another person. The meaning though is really contrasting and unique!

Uses of a Petunia Plant

There are only a few known uses of Petunias that you need to know about! The flowers are popularly adored as bedding flowers in gardens or a potted plant inside homes. It can also be planted in hanging baskets, window boxes, or other containers you may have at home. A potted petunia is a great gift for almost any woman in your life during Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, or any other special occasions. This certain flower can be used instead of red roses to express love.

The petunia is the perfect flower (and perfect gift) that can be used as excellent gifts or potted plants to give to family and friends. Although it is often used as an ornamental plant, plant sales during events prove how popular these flowers are in a culinary sense too!

In some countries, the flowers can also be added as a fresh to salads. For some chefs and food connoisseurs, the blossoms of these plants can be used as a garnish topping in many dishes but actually cannot be consumed. These blooms are simply just for decoration only to add a little more color to a green leaf bowl!

Some final thoughts, you check our guides about petunia types and petunia care to learn more about this plant.

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