What Does Violet Flower Mean and Symbolise?

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Roses are red and indeed some Violets are blue! Amidst this very famous childhood rhyme, the Violets in both that rhyme and this article are not about the color but a beautiful flower!

Oftentimes confused for the color, Violets are not your ordinary everyday flower. Its intriguing shape actually holds very deep symbolism and meanings. Keep on reading to find out more about these flowers!

History of Violet Flowers

The Violets first came to fame in the 14th century and were described as an herb with very showy spring flowers. It is either an annual or perennial flowering plant naturally growing worldwide but is most abundantly found in the Andes mountains of South America. These flowers are a close relative of the prancing Pansies! 

Violets belong to the genus Viola of the Violaceae family. To date, there are as many as 600 species in this genus alone! On a brighter note, you might be wondering if the genus name is the same as a famous French word. Don’t get confused though because the genus Viola is very much different from the French word Viola! In fact, the pronunciation of both is very unalike. 

Now that the French have been mentioned, the genus name actually comes from an Anglo-French word viole meaning a violet flower. Surprisingly, the name also comes from the Latin word viola referring to any spring flowers, and the Greek word íon meaning the color violet. 

Amongst the 600 species of these quaint flowers, there are a few garden favorites. These include the Meadow Violet (V. papilionaceae), the Bird’s Foot Violet (V. pedata), and the Sweet Violet (V. odorata). The Sweet Violets are in fact the number one florist’s favorite because of their delicate fragrance! 

Symbolism of Violet Blossoms

Violets have been associated as the birth flower of March – simply because it begins blooming during this time! In the language of flowers, Violets stand for humility and modesty. It also bears the image of loyalty and faithfulness. 

The story behind its symbolism of loyalty occurs in the time of love for Clemence Isaure and Count Raymond of Toulouse. A purple Viola flower symbolized their deep affection for each other.

Meanwhile, the Victorian language of flowers has a different symbolism associated with the Violets. According to it, the flowers were symbolic of rural living, the pursuit of happiness, and faithfulness. 

The Violets are also honored as official floral motifs in some American states. These include the states of New Jersey, Rhode Island, Illinois, and Wisconsin. 

Meaning of Violet Flowers

The beautiful meaning behind these Viola flowers is modesty and love. Take a nice look at it and you won’t disagree! In some perspectives, such blossoms also bear the floral meanings of tenderness and intensity. Quite the polar opposite, but if you have a keen understanding of deeper things, it is a message depicting untainted morality. 

What does a White Violet Flower Mean?

A white Viola flower conveys the meanings of innocence and glistening hope. It is also a reminder of the goodness in all pure things.  

What does a Red Violet Blossom Symbolize?

Red Violets are symbolic of a passionate romance and a deep-rooted affection. 

What does a Pink Violet Floret Indicate?

Beauty and rarity are indicated by the sight and presence of pink Viola flowers. 

What does a Purple Violet Bloom Represent?

A purple Violet may sound very redundant but don’t doubt it! This flower represents a heartfelt thought of love and an undoubted loyalty. 

What does a Blue Violet Flower Symbolize?

Violets that are blue symbolize watchfulness. Like an all-seeing eye, it gazes at you and looks as if it is watching your soul! Surprisingly, these flowers are also symbolic of truthfulness. 

What does an Orange Violet Blossom Mean?

An orange Viola flower means overall good virtue. This also has a meaning of grounded morals and values. 

What does a Yellow Violet Floret Represent?

Happiness and glee are gracefully represented by Viola flowers with yellow petals! It beams just like the sun during a bright day in Spring!

What is the Spiritual Influence of Violet Blossom?

Viola flowers hold a very keen spiritual influence on spiritual growth and psychic opening. It guides one in choosing a spiritual path and purpose aligned with the deepest desires of the heart and mind. 

In achieving these deep desires, such blossoms will help in opening the eyes to the divinity of every day. It invigorates the clairvoyance of the mind and the integrity of the spirit during such times. 

While on the journey, Violets help purify and calm the environment for better learning and healing. In that case, these flowers are known to promote good habits for a healthier daily life. 

What is the Folktale or Mythology Associated with a Violet Floret?

There are quite a few very intriguing and striking folktales and myths going around about Viola flowers. According to a tale, wild Violets were a common ingredient in love spells and potions because of the flower’s heart-like shape! Can you guess what magic it can do? Well, for some folk, it is believed that a potion made from this flower can mend a broken heart!

If you don’t fancy drinking the potion, some say that you can instead wear the flower on you to attract love! On another interesting note, you can also plant them in your garden if you want the right kind of love in your life. They say that if the plant grows – love will follow!

Another tale goes around to tell about the dark secret about these florets. According to the stories, plucking Viola flowers still wet and fresh with morning dew will entail death upon someone dear to you! It was also said that mourning such loss will go on until a full moon rises! So whatever you do, don’t go around picking these flowers in the morning!

In ancient Greek mythology, the floral name Violet from the Greek word íon was taken from the nymphs of Ionia. The nymphs offered these flowers to the god Jupiter and had many great myths and legends about the Violets. 

What does a Violet Floral Tattoo Symbolize?

Viola flowers are one of those florals with a simple appearance yet a very meaningful in-depth secret to behold. It is true that a Viola floral tattoo is not one of the most favorite designs chosen, but give it a chance because it symbolizes modesty, innocence, and morality. If you think deeper about it, this is a floral tattoo that embodies the good nature and untainted of the soul and spirit. 

Uses of Violets

Violets are famous as garden ornaments or potted plants indoor or outdoor! These flowers love a full sun time and can be beautifully made into cut fresh flowers on bouquets. 

It was mentioned earlier that the Sweet Violets (V. odorata) is a florist’s favorite – this is because the flowers are most popularly extracted for their fragrance. The fragrance from this flower is used in perfumes and many cosmetic products such as soaps and shampoos. 

Apart from their horticultural uses, these flowers also have some traditional and modern medicinal applications. The leaves are said to be rich in vitamin C and are commonly used in modern medicine for treatments of cancer and cysts. 

The flowers also possess diuretic, expectorant, laxative, and purgative properties which are used in some cases such as bilious affections. Applications of this floral decoction are used to remedy common ailments such as coughs, cases of flu, pneumonia, and some diseases of the liver and stomach. 

Meanwhile, drying the flowers also holds key properties such as antipyretics used to relieve febrile symptoms and fevers. The ancient Greeks and Romans medically used dried or fresh flowers as syrup to treat common coughs and colds.

A tea infusion was also made as a remedy to soothe throbbing headaches. A word of warning that it’s a must to always consult a medical professional before using this plant or any part of it for medical purposes.

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