How to Grow and Care for Haworthia retusa

haworthia retusa care

Haworthia retusa is a perennial succulent that any collector would love. Its delicate leaves are an absolute joy to look upon due to their translucence. They appear plump with water and just about ready to burst at any given moment! The upper surfaces are faintly lined with green stripes, accentuating the tapered appearance of the … Read more

11 Types of Haworthia Succulents To Grow

haworthia succulents

Haworthia succulents are a frequent favorite due to their clumping habit, small size, and incredibly detailed foliage. Leaves can be tough and highly textured or incredibly smooth and translucent! Tougher varieties are generally easier to care for as they can withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Those with delicate leaves are more prone to diseases … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Haworthia Succulents

Haworthia care

If you’re a newbie to the world of succulents, you should definitely build your first collection with a few Haworthia species. They make great houseplants and are staple options in plant nurseries all over the world. Moreover, they are fairly easy to maintain and don’t require constant attention.  Many gardeners appreciate Haworthia cultivars for their … Read more

8 Types of Greenovia Succulents You Can Grow

greenovia succulents

Greenovia rosettes are a wonderful addition to any succulent collection. Their cultivars are relatively rare and may be quite challenging to the rear from seed. Mature, offset-producing rosettes are even more difficult to acquire, but they are nonetheless highly sought-after. The rose-like features of this plant, with origins in the Canary Islands, truly set it … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Greenovia Succulents


Sometimes, the leaf forms of succulents can make them look uncannily like flowers. Some would even say that the actual plant is more attractive than its very blooms. This rings true with Greenovia succulents, which resemble rosebuds and fully bloomed roses! If you’d like to give someone a rose-shaped succulent that can outlive actual roses, … Read more

Common Problems of Snake Plant Leaves

snake plant leaves falling

Although Dracaena trifasciata is known as one of the hardiest houseplants, unfavorable conditions can cause its beautiful foliage to suffer. The tough leaves of a healthy snake plant stay upright, can be fully straight or twist slightly, and should be smooth along the surface.  Coloration should be consistent throughout the length of each leaf. Consult … Read more