African Violet Diseases and Problems: Causes and Treatment

african violet problems

African violets have some characteristics that provide natural protective function, and the emergence of new cultivars has reflected significant progress in inducing pest resistance within the species. Still, this herbaceous ornamental can fall vulnerable to certain pests and diseases. Are your African violet leaves turning yellow or brown? How do you prevent or fix the … Read more

How to Grow and Care for Anthuriums

anthurium care

Anthuriums are one of the most popular perennial ornamentals out there today. They give off a plastic and semi-coriaceous vibe, and they last long as cut flowers on vases to accentuate household interiors and even professional spaces. With the availability of knowledge and exchange of information, indoor anthurium collections are gaining traction among enthusiasts. Most … Read more

Top 10 Types of Anthuriums to Grow as Houseplants

anthurium flower varieties

Anthuriums are remarkable for their elegant display of the spadix-with-a-spathe type of inflorescence, and yet their leaf variations can also steal the show. Anthuriums can vary based on sizes, leaf shapes, venations, sizes and colors, spadix hues as well as spathe features and textures.  A spadix looks different from a typical flower because it appears … Read more